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Dwarves are the underdogs in fiction, small but short tempered. Don't pick a fight with them because they are glorious warriors. Depict us a dwarf posing on the battlefield, a picture to send to his family for his own glory and family honor. Show his favorite weapon (sword, hammer...) and maybe some of his battle trofees. Make this dwarf proud on his portrait or he might turn against you and hunt you for the rest of your life! Dwarfs get old, older the you!

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!

CHiZAKI RA: is this digital or traditional drawing?
I will be happy if it's traditional
( 5 years and 129 days ago )
JamesD: contest icon will clear that up for ya!?... ( 5 years and 129 days ago )

Howdie stranger!
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dad - created by JamesP

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This was drawn on a Samsung galaxy note 10.1
The program is autodesk sketchbook (5 years and 124 days ago)

Jorg - The Ogre Slayer - created by Dreamslandia

Jorg - The Ogre Slayer
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My first time post, hope you will like it.

I have no SBS but I have my video in real time mode for sketch.


You can play it to see my steps until finish, also you are able to pause it or make it faster. Thank you and good luck.

Update: I finish this piece this night, add colors in photoshop. (5 years and 125 days ago)