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By roon
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Digital Drawing: NO - this contest HASN'T any connection with the ghost movie - BUT what it is intended to - is to see some realistic rendering of childlike drawings. The drawing should be natural childish (no caricature please) but the painting should be as realistic as possible. How'd that be?

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: scorpy

273Kelvin: I'm pretty sure I understand you but can you show us an example please? ( 5 years and 172 days ago )
roon: I think than the goal of this contest is like : see

Very intersting ,nice theme. ( 5 years and 169 days ago )
273Kelvin: @ roon, thanks, that makes far more sense now! ( 5 years and 169 days ago )
Glockman: ( 5 years and 169 days ago )
scorpy: kelvin, sorry for not getting back earlier, yes - roon is correct - that's what i had in mind - perfect. ( 5 years and 165 days ago )

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Mr. Smile - created by roon

Mr. Smile
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Easter Bunny - created by Glockman

Easter Bunny
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young girl, no sources used (5 years and 168 days ago)