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Traditional Drawing: Your goal in this contest is to draw, in colored pencil or just charcoal, a family portrait. In order to depict that, you must have at least two members: grandparents and grandchildren, mother and child, brothers or sisters, etc. There is no upper limit for the number of family members, you can draw 3 full generations even! Good luck!
REMEMBER these contests require that you post at least 2 intermediate steps of your drawing in a step by step guide, so we can see the progress of your work.
Reference photos are allowed (no copyrighted images), but links should be mentioned in your SBS. Include links for all images.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: Giulia

kekskruemel: colored pencils or charcoal? nothing else? ( 5 years and 1376 days ago )
gotmeamuse: I know! several of the past weeks have had similar restrictions Its a bummer that ends with "Oh well, maybee next week".
I keep looking with high hopes. ( 5 years and 1372 days ago )

Howdie stranger!
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sisters sharing a secret - created by niks1351

sisters sharing a secret
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(5 years and 1372 days ago)

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mother and son - created by niks1351

mother and son
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small skinny family - created by iquraishi

small skinny family
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father, mother, daughter and son. (5 years and 1372 days ago)