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Traditional Drawing: Your goal is to design a poster representing the theme "Egyptian Nights". You may use any medium you wish but keep in mind that the title "Egyptian Nights" should be written on your poster in a creative way and a colored work would be better. Good luck !

SBS guides are mandatory for drawing contests.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: Lamantine

thefinalcut: Oh this will be cool! Are we allowed to copy images of epyptian symbols? ( 5 years and 1396 days ago )
Lamantine: I think so ( 5 years and 1396 days ago )
thefinalcut: Alot of good sources on wiki
( 5 years and 1395 days ago )
gotmeamuse: hmmmmm.....good contest suggestion! ( 5 years and 1395 days ago )
jawshoewhah: I got to admit it's got my imagination "Walking like an Egyptian" ( 5 years and 1393 days ago )
craigers: well they took my entry off, i guess 'any' medium you want is not correct, I had done an Acrylic on wood of Cleopatra, and added real gem stones for her jewelry. They also said i had not put the title "Egyptian Nights" on the poster. As the theme asked for this to be done with originality, i had researched it and correctly put the title in original Egyptian Hieroglyphics!
So much for effort and originality! ( 5 years and 1391 days ago )
gotmeamuse: That really bites Craigers! Would like to have seen that one. Im all about multi media. Heck one time I found this nail polish that was just the perfect dragon blue.....ahhhhhh, anyway.......Im thinking if its a "Poster" then the request for "Egyptian Nights" has to be in THAT language with THAT spelling. I think it is fanfreakingtastic that you took the time to research the Egyptian Hieroglyphics! I bet they would look spiffy in neon even!
My imaginations everywhere on this one Jaws! But with letters involved I think I need something BIG to paint on. Maybe I can stretch a bed sheet around some pvc or something......poor mans canvas! lol ( 5 years and 1390 days ago )
craigers: tell me about it,...u should have seen it ; Pima ( 5 years and 1390 days ago )
craigers: p.s. and your entry is? ( 5 years and 1390 days ago )
gotmeamuse: Im drawing a blank here! Arghhhh ( 5 years and 1385 days ago )

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belly dancer - created by niks1351

belly dancer
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(5 years and 1384 days ago)

egyptian lute - created by ImmerVerloren

egyptian lute
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(5 years and 1381 days ago)

Sphinx - created by Lamantine

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Something I made a while back. (5 years and 1381 days ago)

the palm tree - created by niks1351

the palm tree
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(5 years and 1381 days ago)