Smoky Skull - created by Miix

Smoky Skull
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a smoking skull I drew. made with a regular pencil(HB) and a whiteboard marker (5 years and 1705 days ago)

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Inside outside - created by niks1351

Inside outside
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I have used 6b to sketch this (5 years and 1707 days ago)

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Skin Skull - created by jadedink

Skin Skull
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a skull tattoo i did on myself a while back. design is my own and ink work is my own.

its not your "traditional" skull, but i figured, what the heck...its traditional art, one of the oldest styles around.

this one is on my left hip. (5 years and 1698 days ago)

just when you least expect it - created by jorgechavo7

just when you least expect it
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(5 years and 1709 days ago)