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Little Red Riding Hood, we all know the story of the little girl bringing food to her grandma, the wolf and the hunter...

O well, that's all past. We're 10 years later now. She's lost the Little in her name and goes by the name of Red Riding Hood, she's 18 and enjoying life to the fullest.

Depict her how she would look and what she'll be doing these days. Did she become a bad girl or traveling the world? Off course she still got her red hood.

You can make the image in black & white but at least the hood has to be red.

REMEMBER: post a SBS and NO tracing!

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: robvdn

Keiley22: when drawing, can you use a models pose as a reference? so long as you add it to source links? ( 5 years and 2925 days ago )

Howdie stranger!
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red riding hood chatting - created by niks1351

red riding hood chatting
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(5 years and 2924 days ago)

ready for love - created by Karol

ready for love
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she's not a little girl anymore..
happy and inlove.. enjoying life to the fullest..

..well, I saw her with her the woods =) (5 years and 2929 days ago)

Red girl - created by roon

Red girl
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acrylic on paper 30x20 cm (5 years and 2930 days ago)

Wolves are sissies... - created by kyluvlee

Wolves are sissies...
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Pen and pencil sketch... look for the little things that make this hilarious!!! (5 years and 2927 days ago)

red riding hood in love - created by niks1351

red riding hood in love
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(5 years and 2929 days ago)