First birthday, first cake - created by sunzet

First birthday, first cake
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This might not make you go "aaawww" but the sight of a child eating its first cake on its first birthday is often a true "aaawww-moment" (5 years and 2300 days ago)

She´s mine! - created by sunzet

She´s mine!
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Divorcing parents fighting over the daughter, who tells them what she feels.

Thanks DAVIDKNOX and demordian at (5 years and 2335 days ago)

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Half of me - created by sunzet

Half of me
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Made today with a pen not really made for "real" drawing. (5 years and 2360 days ago)

From the other side - created by sunzet

From the other side
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Imagine standing on the other side of the road (not nescesserly the same day the sourceshot was taken...) and this is what you might have seen... (5 years and 2383 days ago)

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Fighter - created by sunzet

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This one could probable be either his friend or his enemy. (5 years and 2404 days ago)

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