Robocar - created by spaceranger

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A cute little Robocar for fun! Car is source only. (5 years and 255 days ago)

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Ham Solo Returns - created by spaceranger

Ham Solo Returns
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I love a bad pun, when I saw the contest I thought of "Ham Solo", so I gave Han Solo pig's feet for hands and a pig's head then I added Ben Kenobi with a cougar's head and Luke Skywalker with eagle head and wings so he could really be a "Skywalker". I added Ape Vader (or Darth Kong) and a movie title design just for fun. flickr by Lula Mae by Marta Martinez flickr by Robert Goodwin (5 years and 582 days ago)

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Cloud Knights - created by spaceranger

Cloud Knights
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Nestled in a huge valley at the top of their world an ancient city floats among the clouds. The technology for the floating city is long lost to the inhabitants who now dwell in this fortress city in the sky living in a medieval society and relying on the wonders left to them by their ancestors they harness the giant eagles for travel and to defend their homes. Silo contest by patty flickr by digitaltrails flickr by calilily flickr by steveberardi flickr by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service-Northeast Region
(5 years and 597 days ago)

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Little Village - created by spaceranger

Little Village
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Sure hope the Welsh have a sense of humor! Just poking fun, also looks like the local advertiser's got a weighty problem. (5 years and 700 days ago)

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Pluto Responds - created by spaceranger

Pluto Responds
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Many scientists have now decided on a new definition of what makes a planet. This new criteria no longer allows Pluto to be considered a planet. We sent a probe "The New Horizon" to the far reaches of our solar system to observe Pluto and it's neighbors.
We may well get a message like this from the insulted inhabitants of that far away world...
For more information about Pluto and a really cool video, go to: (5 years and 747 days ago)

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