Slow n Fast - created by smokebigbird

Slow n Fast
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was walking around my back yard this morning, after a night of rain. Couldn't beleive my luck, dont think I will ever see this again. (5 years and 1762 days ago)

Stear Me - created by smokebigbird

Stear Me
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old tractor stearing wheel (5 years and 1894 days ago)

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I think I can - created by smokebigbird

I think I can
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(5 years and 2000 days ago)

Theft - created by smokebigbird

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this sign made me laugh as if u look, there is now lawn to mow. (5 years and 2000 days ago)

Best Friends - created by smokebigbird

Best Friends
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(5 years and 2294 days ago)

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