Steam-Savvy Victorian - created by pearlie

Steam-Savvy Victorian
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When you simply must add to your wardrobe, accessories and accoutrements. For everything from timepiece devices, tophats and weaponry to goggles and flying caps, airship captain's boots or Victoria Dame short boots, shop at the SSV.

Basic masking, layer styles and blend modes. Corner element is a graphic in Photoshop's shape library. (5 years and 1517 days ago)

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UUV-12 - created by pearlie

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The evolution of future submarines for military use will be driven by the trend to use smaller, autonomous, and unmanned vehicles to perform missions both under and above the sea. (5 years and 1573 days ago)

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Fond Memories - created by pearlie

Fond Memories
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(5 years and 1594 days ago)

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Binford Does BBQ - created by pearlie

Binford Does BBQ
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1950s advertising, but with my 'spin' on it.
The piggy shape is actually a font, found at DaFont, called Farm and Wild Animals (opacity lowered, set on Multiply).
Used some inner shadow on the large text top and bottom. Burned the red outer stroke in some places.
EDITED, per the mods. (5 years and 1642 days ago)

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Night Thoughts - created by pearlie

Night Thoughts
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Please see hi-res and sbs for details. Elements used are symbolic, both for this poem, and personally. (5 years and 1713 days ago)

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