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james paul
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superfast modelin in MAYA..
some extrudin
some boolean
some this n that (scalin n all) lol :D
don knw much of lightin n texturin
(i`m expectin d gurues here to guide me on that :) will b in tuch soon :)

was neva goin to submit this had not ma sis had insisted n made me promise to do so lol :d crazy she :D

by the way this is ma very first entry in 3D ..me is not a pro so plz lemme knw how can i improve..coz i really want to :) (5 years and 2125 days ago)

SANDAL BLUE - created by jamespaul

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lol thats ma crazy li`l sis` sandals :p
looks really beautiful on the small mat in the lawn..or is it? :D
... love this style to patch patch n paint...

poster n water colorz used

water colorz on the strips of the mat
n rest is poster
looks a lot like water color though :D

ps: ty sis for the source :D (5 years and 2204 days ago)

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