Sea wolves - created by billyboy

Sea wolves
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3 DS Max. render with mental Ray.
Planks, frozen ground and sky with textures from CG textures, thanks. (5 years and 2839 days ago)

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Bentley 4,5 Litre Blower - created by billyboy

Bentley 4,5 Litre Blower
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3DS Max. Render with Mental Ray.

Thanks to Dr, Dan Saranga and The (5 years and 2856 days ago)

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Morning in the desert - created by billyboy

Morning in the desert
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3 DS Max
Mapping with Photoshop
Render with mental ray

Thanks to Nathan Job for his excelent Dornier airplane blueprint from The , see SBS (5 years and 2912 days ago)

Under water - created by billyboy

Under water
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Two terrains, one ground, seven round lights.

Thanks to Dave Buckner for the SHD files used as caustic light gels. (5 years and 2916 days ago)

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Chrome dream - created by billyboy

Chrome dream
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The 3D chrome version of Harley Davidson model 1914.
Made from scratches upon a reference photo from The Blueprints. com, see SBS. (5 years and 3007 days ago)

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