Lil' Miss Pxl Glitz - created by MossyB

Lil Miss Pxl Glitz
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"Glitz" is one of the major child pageant organizations.

The SBS is Animated.
The Background was made with Filter>Render>Clouds, and then adjusted and other filters applied to create a random background. (5 years and 304 days ago)

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Looking Forward to Summer - created by MossyB

Looking Forward to Summer
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Watch What You Say... - created by MossyB

Watch What You Say...
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Sunday Stroll - created by MossyB

Sunday Stroll
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Animated SBS - To explain it all would have taken longer than it did to make it, which took long enough! (5 years and 906 days ago)

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Walking Stick - created by MossyB

Walking Stick
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(5 years and 1013 days ago)

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