Amazing Discovery- NOT - created by GolemAura

Amazing Discovery- NOT
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The Robot World discovers an Ancient artifact that proves that ancient humans must have worshiped robots in the past..

placing it on a magnetic table for closer examination (5 years and 2375 days ago)

MMMMLAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! - created by GolemAura

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source only (5 years and 2411 days ago)

Low Water - created by GolemAura

Low Water
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I walked all over my neighborhood to find a swamp area that had about the same colors as the source in order to merge them together... some lady got eaten by a gator last year jogging so all the gators were cleaned out of the area... darn it (5 years and 2429 days ago)

Set of Key Bunnies - created by GolemAura

Set of Key Bunnies
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(5 years and 2447 days ago)

Off to the Big Game - created by GolemAura

Off to the Big Game
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(It's going to take awhile)

source and my pics (5 years and 2450 days ago)

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