Countess of Dufferin - created by Alan2641

Countess of Dufferin
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The first Steam engine in Western Canada
Built in Philadelphia by the Baldwin Engine Works in 1872
Arrived in the city by Riverboat (5 years and 1516 days ago)

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Dice in Aspic - created by Alan2641

Dice in Aspic
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Three layers of Gelatine One clear one yellow and one blue tinted with food colouring (5 years and 1735 days ago)

Odd X-ray - created by Alan2641

Odd X-ray
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Thanks to adamci for the X-ray and abcdz2000 for the light bulb (Notified)

Duplicated the bulb and masked the two with the x-ray
Used a brightness and contrast mask to adjust the x-ray lighting (5 years and 2095 days ago)

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Hope I read this wrong ... - created by Alan2641

Hope I read this wrong ...
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Thanks to Nbauer and ElaiEva

Clone to remove original numbers
Copy and assemble binary values. Warp using arc at 9 degrees for outside temps

Adjust opacity to blend with background
(5 years and 2486 days ago)

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Cards - created by Alan2641

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Thanks to lusi

(5 years and 2613 days ago)

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