Transhome - created by muthultech

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Hi when the future arrives us,there will be a lack of space to live and to build houses.There comes the time where the buildings hangs in space lifted by zeppelin kind of airships fuelled by solar power. This was done in 3ds Max and rendered in mental ray...All the textures were made with 3ds max default material library.. (5 years and 1233 days ago)

DYNETHIRI - created by muthultech

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Hi,I modelled this in Autodesk 3dsmax and rendered this out with default scanline renderer.The modelling involves polygonal modelling, organic modelling,probooleans,spline modelling.I have elaborated the steps in SBS.All the best for all the participants....Thanks..... (5 years and 1534 days ago)

Duplicate - created by muthultech

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Hi, i have modelled this in 3ds max and rendered in mental ray...Most of the modelling part includes polygonal modelling for entire body of telephone,spline modelling for cables and Proboolean operations for some dial parts .i have textured the model using max's inbuilt material library and my own custom made texture.Have a look at my model and post your comments.your are always welcome..All the best for all other participants..Thanks (5 years and 1541 days ago)

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