Electric shoes - created by gedup

Electric shoes
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When you walk, the shoes produce some electricity to recharge your mobile, (or other). Contact me if you wan't to buy my brevet ! :) (5 years and 926 days ago)

The dream - created by gedup

The dream
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(5 years and 963 days ago)

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Roof of Paris - created by gedup

Roof of Paris
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Picture taken in the roof of the Galeries Lafayette (5 years and 1007 days ago)

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Greenfly - created by gedup

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Greenfly inspirated this 3D modeling (5 years and 1027 days ago)

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islandic journey - created by gedup

islandic journey
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The norway's picture remember me photos i have taken in Island in2011.
With some ofthis pictures,
i suggest you this photomontage.
All pictures are mine.(look at them in the step3 of the SBS) (5 years and 1079 days ago)

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