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photo credits: Michael B Stuart_flikr, Mick Talbot_flikr, Seasmoked_flikr, Daniel Lindsay_flikr (3 years and 158 days ago)

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When the bottle breaks - created by buzzy

When the bottle breaks
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Source photos credit goes to; Anwer Reyaz, Davide simonetti (5 years and 123 days ago)

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PXL Endeavour - created by buzzy

PXL Endeavour
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Boldly going where no PXL'r has gone before!! Launch time 4:20 pm
Thanks to: Skeeze on Pixabay (and spaceranger) for the background (5 years and 133 days ago)

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Solitare - created by buzzy

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Thanks too:
(on flikr)
Dave hoefler
ludiecochrane (5 years and 1076 days ago)

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Finger food - created by buzzy

Finger food
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AWE... Lil' Zombie Hamster snack!

would like to thank cdrussorusso and Derrick k Miller for providing the pics (5 years and 1077 days ago)

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