Museum in the sky - created by PhotoRepair

Museum in the sky
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Inspired by the stature of Authur Dent, 15 miles high and nestled nicely in his ear. Fans will know what im on about. (5 years and 1448 days ago)

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Blue-ets - created by PhotoRepair

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A view through a space suit of a strange statue on a strange planet where light behaves in mysterious ways and the elements are at work.

(the stars were put on one at a time to kee[ control over placement - not the spread brush type method) (5 years and 1513 days ago)

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Rose - created by PhotoRepair

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Rose, please veiw high res (5 years and 1620 days ago)

Worm - created by PhotoRepair

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Warp, dodge and burn layer, liquify, only scource used (5 years and 1673 days ago)

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