Uno Cerillo (One Match) - created by FallingHorse

Uno Cerillo (One Match)
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Lit with:
580EX (honeycomb snoot) @ 1/2 , 45 deg behind subject camera left
430EXII (flagged) 1/64, 45 deg camera right
The little black bit in the foreground is from the top of the match when it caught alight, I was going to crop it out but I liked it's smoke trail :) (5 years and 1196 days ago)

Orange Kitty - created by FallingHorse

Orange Kitty
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I just love the ginger cats :) (5 years and 1227 days ago)

Caleb - created by FallingHorse

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This was taken as an experiment in off camera lighting in portraits. I used my flash and a cheap eBay collapsible softbox. I changed it to B&W to hide the distracting wall in the BG but it turned out to be my favourite photo of my boy. I had it printed on metallic paper and it looks awesome hanging in the hallway :) (5 years and 1269 days ago)

Junior Soccer - created by FallingHorse

Junior Soccer
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Apparently if you stick your tongue out the ball goes further :) (5 years and 1569 days ago)

Billabong Sundown - created by FallingHorse

Billabong Sundown
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(5 years and 1746 days ago)

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