The Sweet Science - created by Alan2641

The Sweet Science
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(5 years and 1173 days ago)

Legislature Building Corridor - created by Alan2641

Legislature Building Corridor
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One of the side corridors in our capital building (5 years and 1189 days ago)

Lichtenberg Lasered - created by Alan2641

Lichtenberg Lasered
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My thanks to AmateurAficionado for the use of his Lichtenberg Tree or Figure


Hi res is better (5 years and 1450 days ago)

Triangles & V's - created by Alan2641

Triangles & Vs
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Cropped and a touch of overall sharpening (5 years and 1734 days ago)

Trophy - created by Alan2641

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One of my sons Football Trophies
Set up the trophy in centre of frame then moved the camera mounted on a focusing rail left about 6 cm for the left image then about 12 cm right for the right image (5 years and 1798 days ago)

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