Creative Photography: The More the Merrier

There’s a famous saying “The more, the merrier”, and we center the following showcase around these few words. Most of the photographs are shot in a professional manner, well thought and planned in advance. There are a few, though, that were taken by amateurs, in different favorable circumstances, that we considered to have of a powerful impact because of their natural look and composition. The result of this collection is impressive through tones and colors, composition and subjects, beauty and, last but not least, the joy and feeling of fulfillment given by a group of entities present in a single pose.

Everything Will Be Alright

Everything Will Be Alright author: Brian Day


Flight author: Brian Day

Pencil Planet

Pencil Planet author: Yakov Volkind

Zebras Watching the Balloons

Zebras Watching the Balloons author: Ken Latman

Strands of Dew

Strands of Dew author: teguh santosa

Gang of Ants

Gang of Ants author: teguh santosa


Mushrooms author: Leocervas


Butterfly author: Milky Way

The Pursuit of Happiness

Tulip Time

Tulip Time author: Kevin Pieper

Tiny Flowers

Tiny Flowers author: chuckie0086

Wind Of Flowers

Wind Of Flowers author: ingeun Nam

Balloon Release

Balloon Release author: Jerry Downs

The Windmills of Don Quichote

Earth Wind

Earth Wind author: tresXdos

In Clover

In Clover author: Scott Smorra

Too Much Sushi

Coffee Beans

Coffee Beans author: ashtonmartin

Lots of Snails

Lots of Snails author: weirdklown

Army of Bees

Army of Bees author: MadMike27

Spot the Bee!

Spot the Bee! author: Jus’fi

Herd of Springbok

Herd of Springbok author: Colmar Wocke


Dolphins author: Frank Duncan

The Big House

The Big House author: Aaron Babcock

Rainbow Books

Rainbow Books author: bluemarla

Bubble Army

Bubble Army author: Onigun


Bubbles author: Elena Khazina


Jolly author: Giuseppe Inguì

Moroccan Blue

Moroccan Blue author: Peter Deiter

A Beer?

A Beer? author: Dani Parra

Color Rain


Poppies author: Tall Guy

Many Socks, Many Colors, Many Patterns

Many Socks, Many Colors, Many Patterns author: ohkayeor


Parachutes author: Greg Vivash

Money Cash

Money Cash author: Doug88888

Hidden Money – Can you see what I see?

Hidden Money - Can you see what I see author: cleebster

Pillow Fight

Pillow Fight author: erramgeor


Flakes author: NedraI


Cars author: liontas

Lighthouse Meets Rainbow

Cantus Arcticus – Concerto for Birds

Cantus Arcticus - Concerto for Birds author: Jared Lim

Black Sheep

Black Sheep author: spin360

A Very Long Search



Tideland author: Irina Zavyalova

Evora, Portugal

Plots, Collusions, Schemes and Conspiracies

Plots, Collusions, Schemes and Conspiracies author: Zeb Andrews


Koranti author: Albin Bezjak

Masks in Venice

Masks in Venice author: rasevic2000

Snow Globes

Snow Globes author: spiralx


Giulia is a 25 year old girl from Romania. She runs a blog dedicated to cute animals on She's also an amateur photographer and has a passion for Photoshop.

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2 Responses:

  1. THOPPP says:

    LOve the first one with the shoes and the snail image is great !!!

    ( 2 years and 2135 days ago )
  2. ag adibudojo says:

    Amazing photograph from uniform object, installation art, great picture.
    (You really have good eyes for selecting, good selector for collect, divide, and make grouping of many images.)
    Congrats and many thanks Giulia
    [ag adibudojo – the art of seeing]

    ( 2 years and 2095 days ago )