The Most Influential News Photographs of October 2011

Week on week, month on month news photographers from different corners of the world work tirelessly to bring their stories to the public eye. They do so through news papers, magazines and more recently the internet. To select one image for a day from all the tens of thousands that made it to front pages, is no easy task. But we have tried to do so. Do keep in mind that our collection of images is never about the best news stories. We may have omitted the Gadaffi images altogether simply because of the lack of the visual appeal on those images. So, every image that we select is based on visual impact alone, not so much their story telling value.

October 1 – Comedy dog show at Barcelona.

October 1 author: Josep Lago

October 2 – World’s oldest twins turn 101.

October 2 author: Thierry Roge

October 3 – Amanda Know acquitted of the murder of her room mate Meredith Kercher, after 4 years in custody.

October 3 author: Reuters

October 4 – Worst floods ever in Cambodia.

October 4 author: Heng Sinith

October 5 – THAAD weapon systems interception test at Hawaii

October 6 – The world pays tribute to Steve Jobs. This image from Seoul Korea

October 6 author: Park Ji-Hwan

October 7 – Occupy Wall Street demonstrators.

October 7 author: Wesley Wey

October 8 – ‘The Diver’ statue at Gorky Park, Moscow with a garland of fall leaves.

October 9 – Paul McCartney marries Nancy Shevell at the Old Marylebone Town Hall London.

October 9 author: Reuters

October 10 – Anti government demonstrators wave flags at Cairo’s Tahrir square.

October 10 author: Yannis Behrakis

October 11 – Welcome ceremony for the Russian prime minister at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

October 11 author: Jason Lee

October 12 – The 47 thousand tonne Rena rests near the east coast of New Zealand after it ran aground on the Astrolabe Reef.

October 12 author: Reuters

October 13 – Bhutan’s Royal Wedding at Bhutan’s ancient capital Punakha.

October 13 author: Kevin Frayer

October 14 – A man rides his elephant on a flooded street in Ayutthaya Thailand.

October 14 author: Reuters

October 15 – A member of the ‘Indignant’ group protests against banking and finance in Rome.

October 15 author: Reuters

October 16 – A young cadet at an educational training camp near Stavropol in Russia.

October 17 – Libyan National Transitional Council forces fire at Gaddafi loyalists.

October 17 author: Al-Rubaye

October 18 – Novice Bhutanese monks rest at the Dechen Phodrang monastery.

October 18 author: Paula Bronstein

October 19 – A father and son watch the Breitling Jet Team conducting aerobatics at Athens.

October 19 author: Yannis Behrakis

October 20 – A cranberry harvester at Selishche village near Minsk.

October 20 author: Viktor Drachev

October 21 – A view of the area where Gaddafi was hiding out, in Sirte.

October 21 author: Esam Al-Fetor

October 22 – A contender crosses a ‘blood pit’, one of the obstacles in the first ever ‘zombie 5k race’ at Darlington Maryland.

October 22 author: Billie Weiss

October 23 – Thai monks fortify flood gates at Klong Rapi Pat.

October 24 – A Srilankan woman is a part of protests against rising costs of living, Colombo.

October 25 – Turkish rescuers tend to a 2 week old baby girl, after a high magnitude earthquake stuck the country.

October 25 author: AP

October 26 – Preparations continue at the Buddh international circuit near Delhi, as India gears to host it’s first ever F1 championships.

October 26 author: Mark Thompson

October 27 – A baby and father participate in an underwater nerve therapy program at Budapest.

October 27 author: Ferenc Redei

October 28 – A Delta 2 Rocket takes off from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.

October 28 author: Gene Blevins

October 29 – The site of a suicide attack in Kabul

October 29 author: Mohammad Ismai

October 30 – Russia’s unmanned M-31 space craft takes off with supplies for the International space station.

October 30 author: Getty Images

October 31 – Seventh billionth baby born in India.

October 31 author: Roberto Schmidt


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