The Beauty of the Philippines in 50 Stunning Photos

The Republic of the Philippines (most commonly known as Philippines) is an archipelago-country, situated in Asia, the South-eastern part. Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, Philippines is the home of heavenly landscapes, exotic flora and fauna and a relaxed people, who loves festivals and tourists. The following 50 images will reveal the splendor of these isles and maybe make people think about the beauty of nature and the importance of keeping it clean and alive for as long as possible.

Whale Shark II

Whale Shark II author: Lars Grepstad

Smiles Behind the Shadows

Smiles Behind the Shadows author: Paul Quiambao

Anemone Schrimp

Anemone Schrimp author: Lars Grepstad

What Hard Work?

What Hard Work? author: Carlo Leonardia

Lightning over Manila, Philippines

Lightning over Manila, Philippines author: Brandon Hoover

Philippines 1

Philippines 1 author: Roman Isakov

Philippines 2

Philippines 2 author: Roman Isakov

Philippines 3

Philippines 3 author: Roman Isakov

Festival Spirit

Festival Spirit author: Dennis Bautista

Harbor Square View Philippines

Harbor Square View Philippines author: jdeepan

Sinulog Festival

Sinulog Festival author: subcoolandice

Poro Point, La Union, Philippines

Batanes, Philippines

Batanes, Philippines author: Lau888

Beach Kids Philippines

Beach Kids Philippines author: sabdesign


Philippine Tarsier

Philippine Tarsier author: Elmer Segui

Blue and Red

Blue and Red author: Maciek Kielan

Trails of Mahatao

The Monkey

The Monkey author: Elmer Segui

B’laan Women Cooking

Blaan Women Cooking author: Jacob Maentz

Malapascua, The Philippines

Malapascua, The Philippines author: Jan Pleiter

Philippines Boracay Sunset

Philippines Boracay Sunset author: rick_4848

Rice Fields – Philippines

Rice Fields - Philippines author: hongkiu

Probably a Tired Monkey

Probably a Tired Monkey author: SolitaryNerd

Philippines, Banaue

Tanon Strait from Pebbles Beach

Tanon Strait from Pebbles Beach author: Warren O

Chromodoris Annae

Nembrotha Kubaryana

A Fine Day for Sailing

A Fine Day for Sailing author: Ryan Tabangin


Ronda Pier

Ronda Pier author: Steven Ang


Heaven author: Paul Croft

Day at Work

Day at Work author: Mario Moreno


Dimple author: Dave Dwyer

Neopetrolisthes Maculatus

Rice Field Village

Rice Field Village author: Jennifer Fraser

Rice Terraces Banaue

Rice Terraces Banaue author: Skip Nall

Street Scene

Street Scene author: nigel

Mabuhay Philippines

Mabuhay Philippines author: rizal_rodelas

Laguna River, Philippines

Laguna River, Philippines author: Joe Whitten

1st Waterfall at Kawasan

1st Waterfall at Kawasan author: Joe Whitten

Crater, Taal Volcano

Crater, Taal Volcano author: Joe Whitten

Working in the Rice Terraces

Working in the Rice Terraces author: Francesco Rizza

Monitor Lizard

Monitor Lizard author: Francesco Rizza

Corals, Romblon Island

Turtle in Philippines

Turtle in Philippines author: Nicosubnormale

Mayon Volcano, Albay, Philippines

Mayon Volcano, Albay, Philippines author: ibarra_svd

The Chocolate Hills, Bohol Philippines

The Chocolate Hills, Bohol Philippines author: jon.noj


Peacock author: Philip Gann

Bacuit Bay


Giulia is a 25 year old girl from Romania. She runs a blog dedicated to cute animals on She's also an amateur photographer and has a passion for Photoshop.

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45 Responses:

  1. Rob says:

    beautiful photos! I love the white peacock and under water shots the most.

    ( 2 years and 262 days ago )
  2. Cheeky Girl says:

    What a great selection of beautiful photos from the Philippines! Pure magic! Beaches to die for!

    ( 2 years and 262 days ago )
  3. patrick says:

    There’s a lot to explore the Philippines. This serves as an eye opener to travelers planning to visit Philippines.

    ( 2 years and 262 days ago )
  4. Giselle says:

    Beautiful!! Just stunning!!! I can’t pick a favourite!

    ( 2 years and 262 days ago )
  5. Raquel says:

    I love my own country, stunning photo:-)

    ( 2 years and 261 days ago )
  6. Julesnoise says:

    Well I did it again. That post you manage on PxlEyes is just to good to simply browse and put a simple “I like it” comment on it. And it is not a fluke either, you have other posts like that. It is perfect for me Guilia. It’s around the world with Guilia. Wow, the awesome places you take us to. This has to become a slideshow and let’s discover some music that goes with it. Thumbs up to your work on PxlEyes.

    ( 2 years and 260 days ago )
  7. ava says:

    they’re so beautiful. i love them….. . : )

    ( 2 years and 259 days ago )
  8. salome n. riingen says:

    100% Filipino…..these are beautiful scenes from the Philippines….how about the scenes from Palawan, the underground river in caves and southern part called South Cotabato or the North Cotabato? Proud to be born in the Philippines.

    ( 2 years and 252 days ago )
  9. Mohammad Shafiq says:

    Phillipines is a beautiful country,I love to watch the beautiful Islands of this country and its natural scenes are best in the world.

    ( 2 years and 233 days ago )
  10. sharielzoe says:

    nice compilations of beautiful photos from our beloved Philippines! truly the pearl of the orient seas…#itsmorefuninthephilippines

    ( 2 years and 197 days ago )
  11. Спортни стоки says:

    I don’t think this is a White shark in the first picture. Am I right?

    ( 2 years and 184 days ago )
  12. thoppp says:

    Remarkable Photographs

    ( 2 years and 176 days ago )
  13. Breanna. M. Santos says:

    Really. Nice. Pictures. :). I. Hope. I. Get. To see. All. This. Beautiful. Places. , animals and. Things. I. Really. Like. The. Whale. Shark, turtle. And. The. Peacock. But. I. Also. Luv. All. Those. Beautiful. Places. :) Beautiful. Place :-)

    ( 2 years and 29 days ago )
  14. Philippine Trails says:

    We love these photos!

    ( 1 year and 356 days ago )
  15. bev says:

    Street Scene photo is from Santiago City, Isabela – my hometown ^^

    ( 1 year and 335 days ago )
  16. jl says:

    Beautiful Pics! Thanx

    ( 1 year and 325 days ago )
  17. mary says:

    Many thanks for your beautiful photos. Extraordinary work!!!

    ( 1 year and 319 days ago )
  18. Aaron says:

    The pictures are stunning

    ( 1 year and 268 days ago )
  19. Bob Pascal says:

    Beautiful pictures makes me proud to be a Tinoy!

    ( 1 year and 237 days ago )
  20. Noy says:

    Great photos. The Philippines is a beautiful country indeed.

    ( 1 year and 182 days ago )
  21. Jsp says:

    good to see this beautiful places..I hope we could be more responsible and discipline when visiting this places

    ( 1 year and 165 days ago )
  22. yela says:

    a perfect place to live ! , i’m very proud ,!we must care all of these. :D

    ( 1 year and 144 days ago )
  23. ahandar says:

    yah i guess i love the photos but i was expected more …………………………………

    ( 1 year and 138 days ago )
  24. Rain Garcia Chua says:

    This is the reason why I will always love the country I was born in, despite of everything else. Thank you for sharing this with us!

    ( 1 year and 100 days ago )
  25. gema marsada says:

    Wow very nice ,place mis u so much philippines

    ( 1 year and 45 days ago )
  26. Babu N Swami says:

    Awesome and Great Work. It would be difficult to select the best if asked for. Highly professional. Keep it up and best wishes

    ( 1 year and 40 days ago )
  27. mohsin says:

    omg that photo is very beautifull i love this country and i wish i will go there one day :)

    ( 1 year and 25 days ago )
  28. arlyn says:

    OMG… totoo toh?? very much beautifulll….. i’m very proud for being a Filipino…:)

    ( 1 year and 23 days ago )
  29. Human says:

    Nice collection

    ( 1 year and 12 days ago )
  30. hmmmm says:

    surely there are other better photos out there that would best represent the country. half of the collection is repetitive and bleh. interesting set.

    ( 313 days ago )
  31. J says:

    I love it when non-Filipinos appreciate our beautiful country

    ( 313 days ago )
  32. Theresa says:

    Pinay and Proud!!!!! always………..

    ( 312 days ago )
  33. Anonymous says:

    i love my counttry and proud,,,,,

    ( 306 days ago )
  34. ozil says:

    Philippine is a very interesting country to visit.We have to protect his nature from the pollution .His floor and faun are very diversified ,it’s a big patrimonial of humanity .I love it because it’s the country where my friend was born.

    ( 306 days ago )
  35. Ulak says:

    Beautiful shots! One thing that bugs me though; the first sea slug is not a Chromodoris annae. The color is wrong. Chromodoris annae should be blue and it should not have a central black stripe. It might be the lighting but if it’s blue, then it looks like a Chromodoris elisabethina but the central stripe is still wrong since it should be an unbroken line. If it’s not blue, I’m not sure what it is. Sorry this is bothering me more than it should. Help anyone?

    ( 306 days ago )
  36. Gemma Padrelanan says:

    nice collection of photos. on a sad note, many filipinos have not seen these beautiful places…it is mostly the tourists who are able to appreciate the beauty of the Philippines. Our beaches are to die for, not to mention the variety of food from different regions and of course, the hospitality that only Pinoys offer.

    ( 306 days ago )
  37. ANTONIO says:


    ( 306 days ago )
  38. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful.. but it would’ve been better if the places were mentioned so we could actually go there. :P

    ( 306 days ago )
  39. RandyL says:

    There is so much more beauty than can be captured in pictures. So much so that I actually moved here and enjoy the beauty that surrounds me every day. Discovering Samar…before others do!

    ( 306 days ago )
  40. Marly says:

    Beautiful pictures!
    Its more fun in the Philippines!

    ( 305 days ago )
  41. Ellen says:

    Beautiful pictures.

    ( 300 days ago )
  42. Obama says:

    Pebble Beach in Santander Cebu i Love!

    ( 297 days ago )
  43. Jojo Sescon says:

    Wonderful beautiful and majestic Philippines

    ( 297 days ago )
  44. Jimmy Domingo says:

    Photoshopped photos that do not reflect certain realities… Sad…

    ( 293 days ago )
  45. pinkee romero quinzon says:

    simply beautiful. simply stunning. simply adorable. i love the philippines!

    ( 279 days ago )

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