50 Chilly Examples of Professional Winter Sports Photography

Winter sports are not everyone’s cup of tea. Playing on ice and snow is a two options choice: you either like it or not. Some enjoy watching ski competitions from a cozy bed, in front of the tv, others prefer going on a mountain as high as they can still breath and slide downhills. Either way, winter sports are spectacular on many levels. Among the most popular winter sports we mention: skiing, ice or figure skating, snowboarding, hockey and why not, snowball fights! It is a real challenge for photographers to take good shots of teams and individuals playing winter sports, as they usually speed up and high motion. Even so, out of passion and love for art and dynamics, we present a spectacular showcase of no less than 50 winter sports photos that can bring chills down on one’s spine!

Wind Moves

Wind Moves author: eucoto

Certain Sparker

Certain Sparker author: Szabiphotograph

Winter 08 ep7

Mushing in Pink

Mushing in Pink author: nivaun

Snowboard Jump

Snowboard Jump author: TalviEnkeli

Mystical Rail

Mystical Rail author: Tristan Shu


Higher author: Tristan Shu



Frozen Powder

Frozen Powder author: Tehben Dean


Moon Skier…

Moon Skier... author: Biker

Lincoln Loop

Lincoln Loop author: Tristan Shu


Spin author: Andy PARANT

Powder and Sun

Powder and Sun author: Andy PARANT


Slashing the Sun

Slashing the Sun author: Andy PARANT

Pure Moment

Pure Moment author: Andy PARANT

Grab the Sun

Grab the Sun author: Greg Mistral

Deep Powder in Les 7 Laux

Deep Powder in Les 7 Laux author: Nicolas Riotord

Saut à Ski

Ski Rocket

Ski Rocket author: Ivan Syrov

Ski Lifts

Ski Lifts author: Amine C

Free Ski

Switch Corc

El Tarter

Zeno- The Powder

Coming up for Air

Coming up for Air author: Justin Altman

Kästle BMX 128

Sunset Session

Sunset Session author: Lucas Gilman

Snowboard Sequence

Snowboard Sequence author: Kirill Umrikhin

Snowboard Fever

Snowboard Fever author: Philip Leong

Switch Backflip

Switch Backflip author: Andrew Strain

Victor Teimurov

Victor Teimurov author: Kirill Umrikhin


Skating author: Adrian Lam

So Easy

So Easy author: Hervé Loire

The Little Mermaid Ariel & Prince Eric

Disney on Ice – Tinker Bell Spins

Snowmobiling in Iceland

Snowmobiling in Iceland author: Icarix

Snowmobile Races

Snowmobile Races author: Digidave


Cute Skijoring

Cute Skijoring author: glacierraft

Ice Skating

Carolina Kostner

Carolina Kostner author: fanpop.com

Wayne Philps Kite Skiing

Wayne Philps Kite Skiing author: andrew mcgarry

One Ski

One Ski author: ski.wentworth

Mongolia National Ice Hockey Team

Snowball Fight

Snowball Fight author: hokiechick01

Big Snowball Fight

Big Snowball Fight author: Bsivad

Steep Ski Slope in Hafjell

Steep Ski Slope in Hafjell author: DrLaunch


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