The Beauty of Kenya in 50 Tropical Photos

Placed in the Eastern part of Africa, the Republic of Kenya is a country of plenty. The tropical climate allowed flora and fauna to be among the most wonderful in the world and the arid part of this country also offers the beauty of simplicity. Kenya is a perfect country to go on safaris and it’s a piece of heaven for photographers. The following showcase is a collection of 50 photos taken by some artists that had the privilege of visiting this land of promise. Strong lions, graceful giraffes, zebras, hippos, rhinos, cheetahs and monkeys are just a few of what people from the Northern hemisphere consider to be “exotic”. PxyEyes brings all that closer to you!

Kenya XV

Kenya XV author: serhatdemiroglu

Kenya XXlX

Kenya XXlX author: serhatdemiroglu

Kenya Trip

Kenya Trip author: greuh1


Kenya author: Marina Cano

The Lion

The Lion author: Piet Flour

Kanga, Kenya

Kanga, Kenya author: Mathieu Young

Golden Forest Rhino

Golden Forest Rhino author: Mitchell Krog

Somewhere in Kenya

Somewhere in Kenya author: Mario Moreno

Kenya Zebra

Kenya Zebra author: Olga La Lyna

Hello Kenya

Hello Kenya author: Olga La Lyna

Beautiful Kenya

Beautiful Kenya author: Olga La Lyna

Sunrise Over the Indian Ocean

Sunrise Over the Indian Ocean author: Jonathan P.

Giraffes in Amboseli Kenya

Giraffes in Amboseli Kenya author: Louisa Wong

Sunset at Kenya

Sunset at Kenya author: Ralph Cheung

Kenya Travel

Kenya Travel author: yesholidays

Kenya kenya

Kenya kenya author: serhatdemiroglu


Elephants author: simo2409

Kenya Lady

Kenya Lady author: phototheo

Fast Food

Fast Food author: Oleg Karpov

Healthy Breakfast

Healthy Breakfast author: Oleg Karpov

Hot Air Balloon Safari

Hot Air Balloon Safari author: Oleg Domalega


Cheetah author: goldhamster

Superb Starling

Superb Starling author: deseonocturno

Maasai Girl

Maasai Girl author: Antoni Georgiev


Flamingos author: Jeff Smith

Lioness with Little One

Lioness with Little One author: Billy Dodson

Croc Kenya

Croc Kenya author: Jeff Smith


Hippo author: Ludmila Yilmaz


Kenya-Masaimara author: Teoman Cimit

Lovely Ladies and Girls

Lovely Ladies and Girls author: Rita Willaert

The Samburu People

The Samburu People author: Rita Willaert

Be Careful

Crocodile and the Beest

Crocodile and the Beest author: Austin Thomas

African Buffalo

African Buffalo author: David Lloyd

Kenya Sunrise

Kenya Sunrise author: froggyfr1972

Elephant Throwing Dirt

Elephant Throwing Dirt author: Urszula Kozak

Cheetah on a Mound

Cheetah on a Mound author: Urszula Kozak

Maasai Goatherd

Maasai Goatherd author: Jonathan P.

Kenya- kalume

Kenya- kalume author: gigilivorno

Kenya – Masaïs

Kenya 2

Kenya 2 author: Alaris-Varin

Kenya – Enfant Masaï

Wildebeest and Full Moon

Wildebeest and Full Moon author: Paul Souders

An Elephant in Sheep’s Clothing

An Elephant in Sheeps Clothing author: Marina Cano

Cheetah and Storm

Cheetah and Storm author: Paul Souders

Kenya Baby Monkey

Kenya Baby Monkey author: blakesamic

First Light

First Light author: David Lloyd


Boma author: Mario Moreno

Lion Kill

Little Green Frog

Little Green Frog author: Tim Nicholson


Giulia is a 25 year old girl from Romania. She runs a blog dedicated to cute animals on She's also an amateur photographer and has a passion for Photoshop.

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    Such a outstanding Photography!!! All photos are superb and attractive!! specially wild life photography

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    Kenya is absolutely beautiful. But what was on the elephant?

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    It’s amazing how you shot fantastic moment of a baby Lion and mother. I really like it! Thanks for sharing us the beauty of wild life in Kenya. I’ll stumble “like” it.

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    Its really a stunning Collection of Keya

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    Stunning shots! Kenya has always been one of my favorite places. The people are very friendly and you can’t help but feel gracious about their hospitality.

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    Beautiful! Breathtaking! My land is Kenya!

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