The War and Beauty Contrast of Afghanistan That You Don’t See in the News

Ever since October 7, 2001, the land of Afghanistan is suffering constant change: the war started, people die, buildings explode, landscapes get altered. The following showcase depicts the overall images of before and after the war on the lands of Afghanistan. 50 impressive pictures: the beauty of nature and peace given to us as a precious gift and the disasters and sadness people create, in their search for power and glory. Given the money spent in this war, we could cloth, feed and offer education for several nations, we could make people happy, instead of tearing up their lives. This is not bravery, this is thirst for power. Let’s make a difference!

Afghanistan 12

Afghanistan 12 author: Infinite666

Sunset in Afghanistan

Sunset in Afghanistan author: Lariasta

Visions of Afghanistan-Poppies

Visions of Afghanistan-Poppies author: Lumanaru


Afghanistan author: Signarkp

Afghan Landscape

Afghan Landscape author: Andrew Smith

From Above

From Above author: Andrew Smith


Afghanistan – Kabul

Afghanistan - Kabul author: LaryT


Riders author: studc

Afghanistan Mountains

Afghanistan Mountains author: jankie

Landscape with Horse

Landscape with Horse author: Steve McCurry

Afghan Shepherd

Afghan Shepherd author: Ironpaw

Laghman Province, Afghanistan

Laghman Province, Afghanistan author:

Panjshir Valley, Afghanistan

Bande-amir Lake

Bande-amir Lake author: BeachGirlNikita

The Salang Pass in Afghanistan

The Winding Road

The Winding Road author: InayatShah

Terra Firma Child

Terra Firma Child author: xarnavarel


Hindukus author: korzar

Lake Band-e-Amir

Lake Band-e-Amir author: Carl Montgomery

Yamdrok Lake

Yamdrok Lake author: Katarina 2353

The Beauty of Afghanistan

The Beauty of Afghanistan author: Phooey199O

Shepard and Flock

Shepard and Flock author: Nate Derrick


Alone author: korzar

Hard Times

Hard Times author: Andrew Smith


Attack author: Andrew Smith


Camp author: Andrew Smith

Helmand Afghanistan

Helmand Afghanistan author: MilitaryPhotos

Afghanistan Gift

Afghanistan Gift author: Infinite666

Close Call

Close Call author: MilitaryPhotos


Afghanistan author: Infinite666

HH-60G Pave Hawk

HH-60G Pave Hawk author: MilitaryPhotos

Heavy Machinery

Heavy Machinery author: The U.S. Army

AT 4

AT 4 author: MilitaryPhotos

The Soldier

The Soldier author: neverdying

Afghanistan 10

Afghanistan 10 author: ryanzoperez

Afghanistan Fire

Afghanistan Fire author: The U.S. Army

Akbar Kheyl

Akbar Kheyl author: MilitaryPhotos

Returning Fire

Returning Fire author: MilitaryPhotos

War Zone

War Zone author: hostme03

Troops in Afghanistan

Troops in Afghanistan author: The U.S. Army

Afghanistan 3

Afghanistan 3 author: Infinite666

Afghanistan 17

Afghanistan 17 author: ryanzoperez

Building Clearance

Building Clearance author: xeilo

M203 Grenade Launcher

M203 Grenade Launcher author: MilitaryPhotos

10th Mountain Division Soldiers

10th Mountain Division Soldiers author:

3rd Battalion, 3rd Marines

3rd Battalion, 3rd Marines author:

Now Zad, Afghanistan

Now Zad, Afghanistan author: MilitaryPhotos


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11 Responses:

  1. mircea says:

    War Zone pic is a 3D render

    ( 2 years and 1673 days ago )
  2. Nora Reed says:

    Very beautiful photography :) thats is seem 3D, amazing :)

    ( 2 years and 1672 days ago )
  3. Steve says:

    “The Soldier” is also a 3D render

    ( 2 years and 1672 days ago )
  4. Mike says:

    “The Soldier” is CG (computer generated and therefore not real) as well…

    ( 2 years and 1671 days ago )
  5. Sam Anderson says:

    This is such a nice collection of war photography! this is fantastic n seem more cool :)

    ( 2 years and 1671 days ago )
  6. Mr Frank says:

    Such a very nice collection.

    ( 2 years and 1670 days ago )
  7. mahdi says:

    it is very good. i think in the west people every time saw Afghanistan under ware. they did not saw afghan beauty . it is very good to show afghan beauty also.

    ( 2 years and 1658 days ago )
  8. Muzaffar Malik says:

    nice pictures

    ( 2 years and 1592 days ago )
  9. s nizamuddinjeelani says:

    very good nice collection afghan beauty

    ( 2 years and 1384 days ago )
  10. fraidoon says:

    very nice pictuer..

    ( 2 years and 1208 days ago )
  11. Resieh says:

    Ah yes the Poppy fields, Afghanistan’s #1 source for Money, Opium/Heroin

    ( 2 years and 1182 days ago )

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