Photography: 50 Sleeping Female Beauties

The famous story of the sleeping beauty takes 40 interesting forms in the following showcase. The probably most relaxing and good nap that one can take is in the open fresh air, somewhere in nature. The beauty of women in art can be emphasized not only through nudity and fashionable studio shots, and we are going to prove that today. We are going to prove that natural is always beautiful. As some say, that beauty comes from within, these 40 women are beautiful not only by their appearance, but also because they can enjoy simple things in life, like relaxing and sleeping in the grass or under a tree. Let’s enjoy beauty and nature together!

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty author: Anita Anti

Sleeping Outdoors


Sleeping author: MayyaFedotova

Sleeping Beauty in White

Sleeping Beauty in White author: Pavel Medvedev

Sleeping Fairy

Sleeping Nymph

Sleeping Nymph author: T Barsukova

Sleeping Poppy

Sleeping Poppy author: tufan emeksiz


Sleeping in the Grass

Sleeping in the Grass author: Thuy Duong Pham

While You’re Sleeping

Sleeping Blue

Sleeping in the Forest

Sleeping in the Forest author: Patrick Krolis

Sweet Sleep

Sweet Sleep author: MurphyL6

Let Sleeping Beauties Lie

Omela is Sleeping

Omela is Sleeping author: MotyPest

Sleeping Beauty in Red

Sleeping Beauty in Red author: electricblue86

Among Roses

Among Roses author: Madan Gurung

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty author: Ninruz

Sleeping Princess

Sleeping Princess author: pyt_nd

Aurelie, Sleeping Beauty

Aurelie, Sleeping Beauty author: candy-eyed

Autumn Sleeping Beauty

Listening to the Forest

Listening to the Forest author: C-h-r-i-s-P

Sleeping Beauty Next to Flowers

Sleeping Beauty Next to Flowers author: Fleshdoll

Vertical Sleeping Beauty

Vertical Sleeping Beauty author: candy-eyed

Sleeping Beauty – Good Rest

Sleeping Beauty - Good Rest author: MFletcher121582

Sleeping Princess in the Green Green Grass

Sleeping Princess in the Green Green Grass author: mojogirl

Red Dress

Red Dress author: adeadrockstar

On the Shore

On the Shore author: ElenaRay

Just a Nap

Just a Nap author: Pauline Franque

The Resting Prets

The Resting Prets author: St0DaD

Sleepy Little Princess

Sleepy Little Princess author: Sky-flame

Laying in the Park

Laying in the Park author: Jpott


Hanging on a Tree

Figurescape and Distant Walkers

Figurescape and Distant Walkers author: thinctanc


xv author: LeilaWasHere


Snow author: 12a

Snow White

Snow White author: Joker1980

My Feet on the Ground Again

My Feet on the Ground Again author: CharlenePetra

A Sleep

A Sleep author: Gabca.P


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  1. Women Bed & Breakfast says:

    Wow!! Beautiful Images. Women look even more adorable while in sleep!!! Sleeping beauties ;-)

    ( 2 years and 1708 days ago )
  2. Kazim says:

    Its really fantastic job done…..
    i appreciate the authors who really have Good eye

    ( 2 years and 1591 days ago )
  3. adrian aragones says:

    really enjoyed the interpretations regarding sleeping beauty…..inspiring – lovely photography!

    ( 2 years and 1579 days ago )

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