50 Creative Examples of Professional Wedding Photography

For a lot of people, the wedding day is the most important day of their lives, because a whole new chapter begins, a different life style and an “until death do us part” partner. Leaving aside the months of preparations and stress, dance lessons and invitations, menus and flowers, the big day is all about love, good food, fancy clothes and fun. Being such a special moment in one’s life, photographic art is at its best in such days and a lot of tutorials developed around this subject. The following showcase brings up the best in this photography field and presents 50 absolutely beautiful and creative wedding photos. Here comes the bride…! 🙂

HDR Wedding

HDR Wedding author: Amundn

Bride and Poppies

Bride and Poppies author: andrez

Runaway Bride

Runaway Bride author: pacsaman

Wedding Dress For the Big Day

Bridal Party

Bridal Party author: smoothdude

The Bride

The Bride author: Hendra Senjaya


Ufuoma_and_Geoff author: Tom Adamczyk

Bridge to Forever

Bridge to Forever author: Matthew Wagner


Bells-78 author: Morgan Dudley

Leez Priory

Leez Priory author: Martin Allum


Congrats! author: Kal Danner

Together for Ever

Kiss for Ever

Retro Wedding

Catalin Parpalea


Utah-Wedding-Photographer1 author: Melissa Papaj


Utah-Wedding-Photographer2 author: Melissa Papaj


Fly author: Elgars Retigs

Wedding Portrait

Wedding Portrait author: Bora Ucak

The Kiss

The Kiss author: Melissa Papaj


White Stairs

White Stairs author: Melissa Papaj


Wedding author: AndrewMaidanik

Wedding Wind

Wedding Wind author: robwooly

The Bride

The Bride author: Rossano1971

Bride of the Water God: Autumn

Bride of the Water God: Autumn author: Astellecia

Wedding Photos1

Wedding Photos1 author: ntuvn

Wedding Photos2

Wedding Photos2 author: ntuvn

Special Wedding

Special Wedding author: AndalasAdnan

Daring Bride

Daring Bride author: xxbone

Fly Blue Bride…

Fly Blue Bride... author: ennil

Wedding Photosession

1940s Wedding Group

1940s Wedding Group author: brookeln

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake author: Lito Inso

Wedding: Benjo & Lalie

Wedding: Benjo & Lalie author: Lito Inso

Wedding Rings

Wedding Rings author: apdk

Bride Dream

Bride Dream author: Lucapatrone

Winter Wedding

Winter Wedding author: GenevieveAlbert

Wedding Photo

Wedding Photo author: andrez

For Life

For Life author: bellapictures

The Shore

The Shore author: bellapictures

Anbi Wedding Photoshoot

Anbi Wedding Photoshoot author: miseryanarchy09

Tina Houb Wedding

Tina Houb Wedding author: luez2

Wedding Ring

Wedding Ring author: exoart

Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress author: ks-photo

Halloween Wedding

Halloween Wedding author: hakueizm

Groom Off

Groom Off author: sinchukoff

Bride and Groom1

Bride and Groom1 author: pausibulo

Bride and Groom2

Portrait of Bride

Portrait of Bride author: fabrykasnu


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  1. Women only BnB says:

    Photography is a very important part of any wedding celebration. Beautiful pics are like a treasure. I just loved all the shown pics. Really amazing clicks. Thanks for the share. Cheers !

    ( 2 years and 3742 days ago )
  2. Alyx says:

    OMG!!! all photographers RULZZZ !! congratulations !

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