50 Pieces of Art Created with Nature’s Basic Bio-Elements

Today’s form of art is of a different type… not made in a studio, nor on a digital screen, without any advanced technology. This showcase reveals 50 of the most impressive sculptures ever made using only “bio” materials: grass, mud, wood, snow and ice. Some of these were created for festivals and contests, others were made on the beach or in gardens, but none of the less, they are all beautiful and impressive. This takes a lot of patience, but it can also make a great hobby!

Ice Sculpture of London

Ice Sculpture of London author:Onlinelibrary

Magnificent 7 Ice Carvin

Magnificent 7 Ice Carvin author:ThisIsIt2


Fairytale author:Eisbeertje

Unicorns United

Unicorns United author:davidezartz

Giraffe Grass Sculpture in Krasnoyarsk

Giraffe Grass Sculpture in Krasnoyarsk author:LiveJournal

Eden Project- Grass Sculpture

Eden Project- Grass Sculpture author:carpium-stock

Dreaming Girls Head

Dreaming Girls Head author:Elfleda

Green Elephants Garden Sculptures

Green Elephants Garden Sculptures author:epSos.de

Sculpture, McLelland Gallery

Grass Horse

Grass Horse author:photocog

Grass Giant

Grass Giant author:janeandpoppy

Growing Grass Sculpture

Staring at You

Staring at You

Amira the Mudfaery

Amira the Mudfaery author:Deiru

Mud Maid

Mud Maid author:left-hand

Elephants Mud Sculpture

Elephants Mud Sculpture author:lost_in_sky

Sand Story

Sand Story author:ahermin

Sand Sculpture

Byron Bay Beach Turtle

Byron Bay Beach Turtle author:marc-ryder

Face Sand Sculpture


Sculpture author:YamanekoYK

Croc Sand Sculpture

Croc Sand Sculpture author:ARC-1138

Dinos Sand Sculpture

Dinos Sand Sculpture author:amalia51

Snow Festival in Harbin, China

Snow Festival in Harbin, China author:boston.com

An Ice Colosseum

An Ice Colosseum author:boston.com

Brightly-lit Ice Sculpture

Brightly-lit Ice Sculpture author:boston.com

Snowy Bear

Snowy Bear author:rdawg

A Dark and Stormy Night

First Place

First Place author:themoens.com


Snow Sculpture, Yukon

Snow Sculpture, Yukon author:dacardoso

Ice Griffin

Ice Griffin author:fairyhalo

Ice Snail

Ice Snail author:simonsonjh

Little Children

Little Children


Bust author:eskimo-ice


Piano author:eskimo-ice

Foliage Head

Woman Sleeping

Yellow Flowers

Yellow Flowers author:xjyxjy

Valkyrie VF-1S R.Focker Custom Snow Sculpture

Valkyrie VF-1S R.Focker Custom Snow Sculpture author:migpix

Dancer – Ice Sculpture

Dancer - Ice Sculpture author:annkelliott

Icy Lizard

Icy Lizard author:rchrdcnnnghm

Day one – Warm Up Sculpture

Day one - Warm Up Sculpture author:pangdad_62


Mermaid1 author:pangdad_62

Sand Car

Sand Car author:pangdad_62


Mermaid2 author:pangdad_62

Gehard Demetz Art

Gehard Demetz Art author:Gehard Demetz

Insect Sculpture

Insect Sculpture author:xXKallieXx

Wood Carving

Wood Carving author:fallsguyd

Unika Sculpturing and Wood-Carving Exhibition

Unika Sculpturing and Wood-Carving Exhibition author:arjuna_zbycho


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5 Responses:

  1. Qamar Soomro says:

    These are the marvels of human hand and imagination. How many working hour must have been spent to create these art pieces and how beautiful are they. Never seen such beauties before.

    ( 2 years and 3966 days ago )
  2. Anonymous says:

    very beautiful think I said wow to almost all of them 🙂

    ( 2 years and 3964 days ago )
  3. SOHAN says:

    It’s Beyond Nothing

    ( 2 years and 3962 days ago )
  4. Anonymous says:

    These are beautiful!

    ( 2 years and 3948 days ago )
  5. Hidayatullah Soomro says:

    What a beautiful pictures, I haven’t seen such type of surprising visual representations.

    ( 2 years and 3697 days ago )