The Beauty of Bolivia Expressed in 50 Professional Photos

Today’s showcase main theme is traveling photography. Placed in the Southern Hemisphere, in South America, Bolivia is a country a little underestimated when it comes to vacations and sightseeing. This country is a landlocked one, but it catches up with many other aspects: the Amazonian rainforests, the Chaco plain, the Nevado Sajama Peak and of course, Salar de Uyuni, which is the world’s largest salt flat. The weather varies a lot, depending on the zones, therefore different types of vegetation flourishes, turning Bolivia into a paradise on Earth. Our goal today is to prove that this country is definitely worth visiting and will for sure be a great addition to any photographer’s portfolio.

Smoky Trees

Smoky Trees author: Cabell Cox


Bolivia author: Peter Adams

Chalalan Ecolodge, Bolivia

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Heaps of Power

On the Streets of Potosi

Árbol de Piedra

Cementerio de Trenes

Salt Sentinels

Salt Sentinels author: Gaston Brito

A Dream….The South Pole

Planeta Bolivia

Planeta Bolivia author: Carlos_Díaz

Nube Patagónica

Nube Patagónica author: Carlos_Díaz


Dunas author: Carlos_Díaz

Laguna Volcán

Laguna Volcán author: Daniel Moreno

Red Road

Red Road author: Carlos_Díaz

Otra más de Uyuni

Otra más de Uyuni author: Carlos_Díaz

Salar Uyuni – BOLIVIA

Planeta Bolivia

Planeta Bolivia author: Carlos_Díaz


Bolivia author: Livala

Boys of Bolivia

Boys of Bolivia author: Shankpony

Bolivia 9

Bolivia 9 author: courtenaybird

Bolivia’s Llamas

Bolivias Llamas author: daianawirth

Bolivia Salt Desert After the Rain

Bolivia Salt Desert After the Rain author: Guy Nesher

Asi es la Vida

Mines Of Potosi, Bolivia

Mines Of Potosi, Bolivia author: Ozkar


Alone author: David Tong

La Paz, Bolivia, Nightime

La Paz, Bolivia, Nightime author: MrVERTIGO

Sunset Llamas

Sunset Llamas author: Michael Bollino

Rock Pub


Hats Business


Young Ones

Green Leaf Frog

Green Leaf Frog author: Sean Crane

Yellow Spotted River Turtles

Yellow Spotted River Turtles author: Sean Crane

Red Howler Monkey

Red Howler Monkey author: Sean Crane

Capybara, Bolivia

Capybara, Bolivia author: Sean Crane

White-Necked Heron, Bolivia

White-Necked Heron, Bolivia author: Sean Crane

Night Monkey

Night Monkey author: Sean Crane

Green Parrot Snake

Green Parrot Snake author: Sean Crane

Tarabuco Market

Tarabuco Market author: Luigi V

National Guards of Bolivia

National Guards of Bolivia author: Eric Hache

Backlands Bolivia

Backlands Bolivia author: nkolb

Uyuni Set 3

Uyuni Set 3 author: vodkamax

Uyuni Set 2

Uyuni Set 2 author: vodkamax

El Hermoso Titicaca

El Hermoso Titicaca author: MaRx886

Day of the Dead VI – Bolivia

Day of the Dead VI - Bolivia author: MrVERTIGO

Day of the Dead V – Bolivia

Day of the Dead V - Bolivia author: MrVERTIGO

Espejillos 1 Sta. Cruz Bolivia

Espejillos 1 Sta. Cruz Bolivia author: andulce

Altiplano : Geysers

Altiplano : Geysers author: FredoPhoto


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