50 Breathtaking Examples of Desert Photography

When we think of beautiful natural landscapes, we often picture fresh chilly mountains or the never-ending blues of the oceans. That’s not necessarily a good vision, since there are so many more other places on our planet that can be simply breathtaking, by uniqueness and simplicity. Today’s showcase can easily refer to minimalism in photography, but the actual central theme is the desert and its beauty. That’s right, those burning hot sands during the day and very cold air at night time make deserts such fascinating places. One must visit at least a desert during a lifetime, especially as a photographer. The soft curves of the dunes and the yellow grainy “seas” will for sure impress to the maximum and prove, once more, the greatness of Mother Nature!

Desert Poetry I

Desert Poetry I author:fr-ae-nk

The Edge of the Desert

The Edge of the Desert author:Arash Karimi

Here’s Looking at You

Heres Looking at You author:Andrew Styan

Desert Dream

Fields Full of Desert

Fields Full of Desert author:rokoko

Pinza de Arakao, Desierto del Teneré

Desert Girl

Desert Journey


Desertwalk author:Jure Kravanja


Deadwood author:Shane

Iran Desert

Iran Desert author:AliReza

Plain Desert

Plain Desert author:Arash Karimi

The Desert Ship

Ridge Runner

An End and a Beginning

Desert Land

Desert Walk

The Way

Velvet Desert

Velvet Desert author:Abdusalam


The Snake Dune


Sand Dunes 2

Sand Dunes 2 author:itash

Sahara Ride

Sahara Ride author:bri

Waiting for the Rain

Among Sand Dunes

Among Sand Dunes author:uaeprof

Morning in the Sahara

Morning in the Sahara author:ablok


Sahara author:Rui Pires

Morning Lights in the Sahara

Place of Power

Place of Power author:Anton Gorlin

Traces of Life in Death Valley

Traces of Life in Death Valley author:Flynn99

Desert Safari

Desert Safari author:Daniel Oh

Finally a HDR

Finally a HDR author:pedrolabanca

Nasca Lines, Peru

Nasca Lines, Peru author:Robert Clark

Laguna Azul – NOT manipulated

Sossus Vlei, Namibia

Sossus Vlei, Namibia author:Cary Wolinsky

Sahara, Tunisia

Sahara Desert, Morocco

Sahara Desert, Morocco author:N_C_G

Sahara’s Sands

Saharas Sands author:N_C_G

Sahara Desert Sand Dunes in Evening Light

Sahara Desert Sand Dunes in Evening Light author:sarosa11

Rippled Desert Sand Dunes

Rippled Desert Sand Dunes author:sarosa11

Sunset in the Sahara Desert

Sunset in the Sahara Desert author:sarosa11

Sahara Desert – Berber Guide

Golden Desert

Sahara Desert Sand Dunes in Merzouga

Sahara Desert Sand Dunes in Merzouga author:sarosa11


Sahara author:Ruby125


Shadows author:lior-susana

Opposites Attract

Opposites Attract author:haddock

Sahara Sojourn

Sand Dune

Sand Dune author:Phill-J


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  1. Hermitbiker says:

    …. an awesome collection of desert photography, thanks for taking the time !!

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  2. The Glaring Facts says:

    Wow. thanks for your share. It’s fascinating, totally bookmarked. I wish I could do photography like that, honestly, these people must be insanely talented.

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    What a great collection. Brightened my day 🙂 Thanks!

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