The 50 Most Impressive Examples of Silhouette Photography

In photography, silhouettes usually have a powerful meaning and impact. They emphasize the shape of the subject and create a dramatic look. At the same time it offers a gentle and fascinating look, a mysterious approach. A good definition of a silhouette is that it represents an outline of the subject which appears dark, against a lighter background. This photographic technique is not very easy, but once you get the hang of it, not very hard either. You only have to pick the right moment of the day, the perfect light and create the outstanding contrast. We will show you 50 examples of such wonderful photos in this post. Enjoy!

Silhouette with an Umbrella

Silhouette with an Umbrella author: Koekiemonster

Nina Silhouette

Nina Silhouette author: RoieG

Sunset Silhouette

Sunset Silhouette author: andrewapuya

Storm Silhouette

Storm Silhouette author: Phoenixstamatis


Silhouette author: Glambition

A Dog’s Silhouette

A Dog author: jsablinskis

Sunset Silhouette

Sunset Silhouette author: eyeseeh39


Silhouette author: Intrepidity87

Silhouette of the Mosque

Silhouette of the Mosque author: Masisus

Silhouette at the Sunset

Silhouette at the Sunset author: AbdullahNemer

Tree Silhouette

Tree Silhouette author: Gehoersturz

Silhouette at Dusk

Silhouette at Dusk author: Imapix

Holland Silhouette

Holland Silhouette author: PhotoDocGVSU

Tree Silhouette 8

Tree Silhouette 8 author: Yayo_M (Avi Morag)

Tree Silhouette 3

Tree Silhouette 3 author: Yayo_M (Avi Morag)

Dancer Silhouettes

Dancer Silhouettes author: Cameron Cassan

Lighthouse Silhouette

Lighthouse Silhouette author: Andy’s & Becky’s Bits

Fake Silhouette

Fake Silhouette author: Oryctes

Horse Silhouettes Redone

Horse Silhouettes Redone author: Freddie jr

Sunny Silhouettes

Sunny Silhouettes author: johnny

Building Silhouette

Building Silhouette author: follystone

Penguin Silhouette

Penguin Silhouette author: Heaven’s Gate (John)


Silhouetted author: Road Blog

Late Summer

Late Summer author: Mathieu St-Pierre

Basilica Silhouette after the Sunset

Basilica Silhouette after the Sunset author: David Orea

Fontanals de Cerdanya

Fontanals de Cerdanya author: Ramon Monegal

Sunrise at Masai Mara, Kenya, Africa

Sunrise at Masai Mara, Kenya, Africa author: ZAKI MASUD

Myakka Sunrise

Myakka Sunrise author: Gary Burdette

Riding the Clouds

Riding the Clouds author: Todd Klassy

I Will Always Love You

I Will Always Love You author: Saad Al-Enezi

Kuwait Sunset

Kuwait Sunset author: Saad Al-Enezi

Ash Tree Silhouette – Hanley Swan – UK

Ash Tree Silhouette - Hanley Swan - UK author: DelosJ

Tree Silhouette

Tree Silhouette author: Romeo Koitmäe

Liberty Sunset Silhouette

Liberty Sunset Silhouette author: Heaven’s Gate (John)

Sunset Silhouettes

Sunset Silhouettes author: digitalarticulation

Silhouettes in the Fun Fair

Silhouettes in the Fun Fair author: Ghanui

Silhouettes Burning

Silhouettes Burning author: Coffin420

Silhouettes in the Sunsets

Silhouettes in the Sunsets author: sarah-starlight


Silhouettes author: Yollanda

Dancing Under the Sunset

Dancing Under the Sunset author: enterfunnyusername

Silhouettes II

Silhouettes II author: luxwar

Bailey’s Silhouette

Bailey author: Saguaro Pictures

Rapid Change

Rapid Change author: Saguaro Pictures

Sunset Silhouettes

Sunset Silhouettes author: aula


Pier! author: Saad Al-Enezi

Sunset Silhouette – Explore

Sunset Silhouette - Explore author: marvin908


Serene author: RoryCoreII

Soaring Eagle Silhouette at Dusk

Soaring Eagle Silhouette at Dusk author: Greg’s One

Silhouetted Kaz

Silhouetted Kaz author: Kol Tregaskes

Silhouette Moment

Silhouette Moment author:


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    Very nice collection of silhouette photos I have ever seen.

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    Seriously one of the most amazing Silhouette collection.
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    I love the one with the horse and the man. Really deep stuff :B

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    Great stuff. I really love the first dog picture and the sunset image a lot. I’ve tried taking some pictures and getting this effect, but I think I need a much better camera.

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