50 Professional Photos Expressing Love and Tenderness

Today’s showcase is dedicated to all the people who love or have loved, to the ones that have someone special to think about. Also to the ones that haven’t lost hope and faith that true love exists. Here are 50 of the most beautiful photos of romantic scenes and tenderness, something that will get to your heart and hopefully inspire you.

Romantic Morning

Romantic Morning author:MissAyleen


Romantic Rose

Romantic Rose author:Lylly55

Romantic Winter

Romantic Winter author:berkerr

Romantic Notes

Romantic Notes author:screamst


Love author:screamst

Romantic Kitten

Romantic Kitten author:ovidiucc

Romantic Touch

Romantic Touch author:adela4

Romantic Dreams

Romantic Dreams author:LadyRhinoa

Romantic Dinner

Romantic Dinner author:ilyaasm

Romantic Bathtub

Romantic Bathtub author:baliboro

Romantic Love, Lovers about to Kiss on the Beach at Sunset

Surreal, Romantic, and Red

Surreal, Romantic, and Red author:gatorinsc

In the Romantic Park

In the Romantic Park author:KliX

Purple Romantic Evening

Purple Romantic Evening author:JannaPham

Thinking Romance

Fairytale Romance

Morning Romance

Morning Romance author:Quetzy


Romance author:Danny-Deviant

Romance at Sunset

Romance at Sunset author:OR_U

Love and Romance

Love and Romance author:Tlemetry

Romantic Umbrellas

Romantic Umbrellas author:Nilgun Kara

Romantic Paris

Romantic Paris author:Xavier Farre

The Kiss

The Dark Red Rose

The Most Romantic Photograph

Sutumn Idyll

Sutumn Idyll author:jimbi

Under the Leaves

Under the Leaves author:Adrien

Wayside Romantic

Rain with Love


Still the Same

Still the Same author:Martin Hudák

Love is Everywhere

Love is Everywhere author:Ivan Tonev

Urban Love

Urban Love author:Aart de Boer

From Hanover with Love

From Hanover with Love author:Sven Hoffmann

Romance 2

Romance 2 author:homedoggieo

Love + Spring = True

Love + Spring = True author:Maria

Romance in the Fields

Romance in the Fields author:zen-design

Romance Boats

Romance Boats author:SDofB


Mordor author:roomiccube

Horses Romance

Horses Romance author:wolveskeeper


Romance… author:ChristineAmat

A Lil Romance Is All I Need

A Lil Romance Is All I Need author:EvonT


Romance author:Caeli-fer

Oh Hai, Love

Let Your Love Flow

Let Your Love Flow author:Karamello

Happy Anniversary, My Love!

Happy Anniversary, My Love! author:squeakypeach4

Candle Romance

Candle Romance author:i-am-courtney

He Loved Her…

He Loved Her… author:Tja’Sha

Romantic Dinner

Romantic Dinner author:Tan.Sid


Giulia is a 25 year old girl from Romania. She runs a blog dedicated to cute animals on furrytalk.com. She's also an amateur photographer and has a passion for Photoshop.

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    you are sweet Giulia , i like you , and i like your blogs

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    Thank you very much raofyousif 🙂 Glad you like them! ♥

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    great work Giulia 😀 good work

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    Wow..Very Beautiful Collection Love…thanks Giulia

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    why tha fuck is mordor in there

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    awesome pics

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    Amazing collection. Touched my heart

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