The Stages of Life Presented in 50 Emotional Photographs

In our photo contests you all submitted plenty of photos related to one specific stage in life… but in these contests, we can never visualize an entire life span. Therefore, it’s time to show a series of photos that capture life from start to finish. From birth to death. Life is a continuous series of events. We are used to thinking that the beginning of life starts with a pregnant woman, then a baby, then watching the baby grow and make friends… When the baby grows older, it goes to school, has the first love, the first job, gets married, has babies, etc, etc… The last stage is growing old, while watching the children and grandchildren… then this short life ends and all that is left is an angel above a gravestone, some wild flowers and some old photos… Some believe that this life is just one of many… Whatever your beliefs are, life has good and bad parts. This showcase presents some of the most important moments in one’s life, captured by professional photographers and meant to awaken emotions to the fullest!

Day Dreaming

Day Dreaming author:Eric Reagan

Luisa and Bears

Pregnant with Sweets

Pregnant with Sweets author:FotoKa

8 Months Pregnant

8 Months Pregnant author:passionphoto

Loving Support

Loving Support author:Smiling-Llama

Are You Going to Baptize Me?

Are You Going to Baptize Me? author:Sergey Usik

Baby Girl – Baptism

Eritrean Refugee Baby Baptism

Eritrean Refugee Baby Baptism author:RJ Stitt

Her Face…

Her Face... author:Shana Rae

Baby Swim

Baby Swim author:Eythor


Portrait author:wazari

My Daughter

My Daughter author:floridapfe


Zelann author:Joe-Nathan


G R O O V Y author:Shana Rae

Litte Red Coat…

Litte Red Coat… author:Shana Rae


Exhausted author:Dalla


Hug author:osbock


Friends author:jfphotography

What Friends Are For

What Friends Are For author:auroille

Back to School

A Kiss to Build a Dream On

A Kiss to Build a Dream On author:Renata Baião


Wedding author:jfphotography

Wedding Day

Wedding Day author:smoothdude

My Wedding Photography

My Wedding Photography author:Dusaleev

Ilknur’s Dream

Ilknur author:Koray Ustuner

Life Cycles

Life Cycles author:Robert

From Generation to Generation

From Generation to Generation author:genepulse

Generations V

Generations V author:toyfoto

Grandmas Hold our Tiny Hands

Grandmas Hold our Tiny Hands author:rosina

Old Aged People

Old Aged People author:sonar-ua

Old Man on a Bench

Old Man on a Bench author:slaust


Dreams author:mano


Final Destination

A Flower for Daddy

Cemetery HDR

Cemetery HDR author:Murawski

The Cemetery

The Cemetery author:1-Apr

From a Long Time Ago

From a Long Time Ago author:Agnolia

Rakowice Cemetery

Rakowice Cemetery author:Adi-Emus

Cemetery 9797

Cemetery 9797 author:casch52


Jewish Cemetery, Warsaw V

Jewish Cemetery, Warsaw V author:Gary Cattell



Old Memories

Old Memories author:SilverPK

Always in My Memories

Always in My Memories author:petitescargot

Memories within Pages

Memories within Pages author:Azram

Memories of Youth

Memories of Youth author:Leox90


Grave Flowers

Grave Flowers author:Ciocia-Krysia


Giulia is a 25 year old girl from Romania. She runs a blog dedicated to cute animals on She's also an amateur photographer and has a passion for Photoshop.

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    Amazing photographs. Complete life span has been beautifully captured in the photographs.

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    Great post, these are wonderful photos!

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    Mind Blown

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    This is an awesome compilation. Photos are relay amazing and the concept of summarizing the entire life … from pre-life to post life is amazing ….

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