50 Touching Photos Showing the Children of the World

Every day, while we check our e-mail, a lot of innocent souls are born… Every day, while we check our e-mail, a lot of very young children, too young, start working for food… Every day, while we check our e-mail, a lot of people starve to death and every day, at the same time, a lot of children, the most privileged ones, receives kisses, toys and affection… In order to “move” our souls closer to theirs, we present to you 50 professional photos of children from all over the world, some laughing at the joys of their innocent life, without worries and some less fortunate. Enjoy!

Do We Need To Hide Our Children?

Do We Need To Hide Our Children? author: Salvatore Falcone

Her Eyes Caught Mine

Her Eyes Caught Mine author: Ben

Friends Forever

Friends Forever author: Ben

Last Baka Pygmee Tribe

Last Baka Pygmee Tribe author: Ben

Children Raising Children

Children Raising Children author: gunnisal

Black And White Boy

Black And White Boy author: gunnisal

Smile So Sweet

Smile So Sweet author: gunnisal

For Our Children’s Sake

For Our Children author: carf

Try Not To Forget Me…

Try Not To Forget Me... author: carf

Sunday’s Child…

Sunday author: carf

Brazilian Innocence…

Brazilian Innocence... author: carf

The Golden Child

The Golden Child author: Phamster

Refugee Child

Refugee Child author: Evan McBride

Hang On

Hang On author: Evan McBride

Varanassi Children

Varanassi Children author: There can be only one Rob

Blonde Angel

Blonde Angel author: em_loeffler

Asian Bruneian Child

Asian Bruneian Child author: Viper76

Asian Child in Hong Kong

Asian Child in Hong Kong author: K.Smoot

Innocent Asian Baby Face

Innocent Asian Baby Face author: Elwynn

Indian Children

Indian Children author: KahaDidi

West Indian Children’s Carnival

West Indian Children author: sweetpea11215

Children of the Mountains

Children of the Mountains author: mitchellk81

Village Beauty

Village Beauty author: mitchellk82

Child of the Forest

Child of the Forest author: mitchellk83

Blue Eyed Girl

Blue Eyed Girl author: mitchellk84

Preparing the Red Pomade

Preparing the Red Pomade author: luca.gargano

The Fly and the Little Princess

The Fly and the Little Princess author: luca.gargano

Hamar Children

Hamar Children author: Johan Gerrits

Egyptian Child

Egyptian Child author: Mishimoto

Mursi Frauen – Ethiopia

Mursi Frauen - Ethiopia author: piet.p


Child author: fabiii

Child Portrait

Child Portrait author: quadrajet988

Warrior is a Child

Warrior is a Child author: hersley

Sweet Child

Sweet Child author: CeydaTasdelen

Mongolian Child

Mongolian Child author: sabini


Boy author: Armen Matosyan

Asian Beauty

Asian Beauty author: Haris Astaniou

Muslim Child in Tanzania

Muslim Child in Tanzania author: Susan Hardman

Indian Child

Indian Child author: Jon Wilbrecht

Velvet Browns

Velvet Browns author: Amanda Radders

A Mischievous Smile

A Mischievous Smile author: Sonali De


Homeless author: bevels

Romanian Boy

Romanian Boy author: chocolateME

Tulip Festival – Holland

Tulip Festival - Holland author: norjam8

It’s a Dog’s Life…

It’s a Dog author: carf

Black Pearl…

Black Pearl… author: carf

Embrace Me…

Embrace Me... author: carf

Life is Cheap

Life is Cheap author: solarider

Half a Million Views Today…

Half a Million Views Today... author: carf

The Little Vampire

The Little Vampire author: melaniumom


Giulia is a 25 year old girl from Romania. She runs a blog dedicated to cute animals on furrytalk.com. She's also an amateur photographer and has a passion for Photoshop.

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27 Responses:

  1. Dzinepress says:

    really beautiful Photographs you sharing.

    ( 2 years and 2313 days ago )
  2. mysticdave says:

    Very touching and beautiful photographs of the children of the world, thank you for sharing.

    ( 2 years and 2313 days ago )
  3. Anne-Marie says:

    I have three little ones who have no idea how lucky they are – this brought tears to my eyes…

    ( 2 years and 2313 days ago )
  4. Paola says:

    The pics of children with distended stomachs always break my heart.

    ( 2 years and 2312 days ago )
  5. multyvers says:

    very nice work, i have beter hope for humanity and for children of now and futur:)

    ( 2 years and 2312 days ago )
  6. XnK says:

    AMAZING! every one of them!!! excellent compilation, great…

    ( 2 years and 2312 days ago )
  7. Allen Sentance Fisherman says:

    This is a beautiful collection of not only photographs, yet the innocent childrens beautiful smiles & expressions. Thank you so much for gathering this collection and presenting them the way you have.
    Well done !!

    Allen Sentance Fisherman

    ( 2 years and 2312 days ago )
  8. Daniel Bento says:

    Beautiful pictures… I love when the photos shows the soul of a child. They are so innocent…

    ( 2 years and 2312 days ago )
  9. kumar says:

    Great piece of Work. the world is not enough for the poor children. their innocence, their beauty is the real medicine for any kind of disease. i have enjoyed and relaxed a lot while i was watching this..even though a few hurts…

    ( 2 years and 2311 days ago )
  10. Phil Caldwell says:

    Children do not ask to be born and yet some people do not understand how precious a child is when they are fortunate to have them.

    Really nice pictures, I agree with some of the comments, quite touching.

    ( 2 years and 2311 days ago )
  11. Anonymous says:

    Creepy titles toward the end…

    ( 2 years and 2310 days ago )
  12. gudipudi says:

    heart touching photos and appreciate your good collection.

    ( 2 years and 2310 days ago )
  13. Edna says:

    Children – some less fortunate than others, some fairer than others, some – but all still having the same loveliness and innocent beauty. I embrace them all. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photographs.

    ( 2 years and 2306 days ago )
  14. ahsan says:

    i love ur picture i dont know what i say i have no words

    ( 2 years and 2305 days ago )
  15. Anonymous says:

    heart touching pics… thnkx for sharing

    ( 2 years and 2301 days ago )
  16. Naveen says:

    nice collection & really it wil touch everyone’s heart..

    ( 2 years and 2301 days ago )
  17. John R says:

    Excellent photographs.

    ( 2 years and 2293 days ago )
  18. johnson says:

    re: multyvers

    yes, taking pictures really puts the food on the table….

    ( 2 years and 2282 days ago )
  19. Catie says:

    these pictures almost made me cry… it’s hard seeing kids having to deal with some of these situations. thanks for sharing these

    ( 2 years and 2246 days ago )
  20. ateeq ahmad says:

    This is such a wonderful collection of pictures. Some are so sad like the homeless child and some so cute like the tulip festival!

    Thanks so much for the pictures!

    ( 2 years and 2179 days ago )
  21. Anonymous says:

    fantastic pictures, could have done without the stupid fucking titles however.

    ( 2 years and 2104 days ago )
  22. Framtonm says:

    Beautiful pix – well done! And thank you.

    ( 2 years and 2085 days ago )
  23. judy chin says:

    Beautiful pictures , you have the magic of captures the innocence of our children in the world. I admire what you do, well done.

    ( 2 years and 1891 days ago )
  24. Davinder b-10 says:

    amazing…….wonderfull………..i think u r angel……..magic in ur hands……..keep it up…….i am ur fan numnber 1…….

    ( 2 years and 1713 days ago )
  25. prathap says:

    wow beautiful kids u really great nice have nice day

    ( 2 years and 1353 days ago )
  26. satheesh says:

    Wonderful Children Images

    Thanking You

    ( 2 years and 1311 days ago )
  27. Duleksha Daluwatte says:

    It is so sad to see and it is giving sad to our lives too…

    ( 2 years and 1098 days ago )

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