Top 11 Computer Generated Landscapes

Computerised generation of landscapes requires a lot of skill, imagination and a lot of patience. The use of highly advanced graphic designing software is needed to generate unrealistic landscapes that will never really come into existence on earth.

Recently, the use of computerised landscapes has seen a steep increase with landscape designers moving on from pencil and paper to using computers to design the ideal landscapes. This saves a lot of time and also saves designers from a lot of hard work.

This technique is also very popular with home exterior designers who would first like to design the actual exterior on computer and show their clients what the outside landscape would look like and if the client is satisfied, then the actually landscaping is implemented. Here in this article we have selected the best 11 contemporary computer generated landscapes and listed them down.


Worlds Collide

Worlds collide - Ognian Bonev
author: Ognian Bonev

This 3-D landscape here named “worlds collide” was designed and finished by the Bulgarian artist Ognian Bonev using three software – 3ds max, mental ray and Adobe Photoshop. This master piece very effectively illustrates the synergy of an advanced future space craft the natural environment around it. It is very important to see this art work in full size to properly assess and appreciate the great amount of graphic detail that has been included along with a brilliantly conceived unique idea. This is surely worthy of an art award.



 Hekor - Marek Denko
author: Marek Denko

Next in line is this piece of work called “hektor”. Conceived and designed by the Slovakian artist Marek Denko using 3ds max, v ray and Adobe photoshop, it shows a lonely train coach travelling on a railway track with the light kept low suggesting it is late in the evening. The great lightning effects give rise to a beautiful combination of blue and orange skies. In the backdrop you can see power towers and numerous lamp posts along with what looks like a small railway station. In summary, one can easily be deceived into believing that this is real and not just some computer generated graphic.


…dry dock…

dry dock - Adam Tredowski
author: Adam Tredowski

This art piece arouses a natural reaction of amazement. Did you just think WOW!? This was created by the British designer Adam Tredowski. He took the assistance of the 3-D animation software 3ds max. This can be classified into the popular style of steampunk, which happens to be a sub genre of the genre of speculative fiction and the fantasy world. One can easily make out that this has been made keeping the old Victorian style in mind. Great attention has been paid to the finer details which gives it an alternate history kind of look. Kudos to the designer!


Rail Haven

Rail Haven - Marco Rolandi
author: Marco Rolandi

Designed by the Italian artist Marco Rolandi using 3ds max and Vray, “Rail Haven” is another example of art which can be classified into the steampunk style. The basic concept can be clearly made out. It shows an old style train station with steam powered trains from the old times. In the background one can make out a cathedral like building and even further back you can see mammoth buildings, maybe office buildings. Again the work showcases the importance that the artist gives to every small detail and leaves nothing blurred. Well done Marco!


Worth enough?

Worth Enough - Radoslav Zilinsky
author: Radoslav Zilinsky

Undoubtedly a piece of pure genius, “Worth Enough” was created by Slovakian graphic designer Radoslav Zilinsky. The magnificent idea of showing the future full of never ending skyscrapers and also the simple life of the past with the small wind mills, huts and farms together required the use of 3ds-max, Adobe Photoshop, VRay and Zbrush to be successfully implemented. The great detail of the landscape just cannot be missed by your eyes. It also carries a message for human kind; do not mess with your environment and its natural process, it can lead to unwanted disasters.


Hexagon’s Island

Hexagons Island - Daniel Kvasznicza
author: Daniel Kvasznicza

A cute piece of art by graphic artist Daniel Kvasznicza, “Hexagon’s land” would definitely look great on your desktop. Daniel made use of Cinema 4D, Corel Painter and Adobe paintshop to make this landscape which stays true to its name. The usage of the right lightning and shadow settings give rise to an awesome piece of work which has a very simple idea behind it.


Beyond the Horizon

Beyond the Horizon - Morbid Comedian
author: Morbid Comedian

Beautiful, isn’t it? This piece of work belongs to the artist popularly known as the Morbid Comedian at Deviant Art Studios – the place where he works. This visually stunning graphic piece makes use of Terragen and Photoshop combined with a great sense of style and taste for creating beautiful landscapes.


Calm Beauty

Calm Beauty - Simon Schulz
author: Simon Schulz

Do you happen to be a nature lover? Well then you will probably not find an art piece better than this for you. Easily mistaken by many to be an actual photograph, this work was conceived and implemented by the designer Simon Schulz. He made use of Terragen and Photoshop to make this incredible scene of nature complete with green valley. Once again lightning effects are used to add to the hilt to make this a feast for your eyes.



Caraphibus - Italo
author: Italo

Designed by the Brazilian artist Italo, “Caraphibus” illustrates a beautiful sea shore at sunset with a small rocky island some distance from the seashore. The use of lightning effects along with the scattered clouds and the addition of shadows of humans and the moon, which can be seen faintly, make this art piece as realistic as something could possibly be. Brilliant work Italo!


Red Leaves

Red Leaves - saber1705
author: saber1705

This is a not so unique work piece which still makes for the perfect desktop background. Inspired from a real life scene of nature, artist Mike from Germany inspires a feeling of melancholy through his art work which is the result of graphic designing using Vue 6 Infinite and Photoshop CS2. What makes it different from the rest of the work in the list is that the work done on the leaves and the grass presents a differently styled work of detail.


Migration II

Migration II - Ashale
author: Ashale

What should we say about this. Just one word comes to my mind – WOW! Migration II is the result of the unending hard work of the Spanish artist Ashale who happens to be a resident of Madrid. Ashale made use of Mojo, Bryce, Photoshop and Max. Something which would look beautiful on a box of chocolates, Migration II features a horse running on golden coloured water and in the background are birds.


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