50 Beautiful Long Exposure Photos

It’s time for another cool photo collection. This time we will show you the results of using the long exposure techinque in photography, 50 great images combining light and darkness in an awesome show of “speeding colors”. Try it yourself and have fun!


Autobahn 1


author: rolve


Hour of Darkness


author: mshobi


New Year’s Tree


author: Alexander Kalina


Long Exposure at La Ronde


author: particle-fountain


Flow Battery S1 – 5


author: Dan Shirley


Long Exposure


author: annywartnaby




author: annywartnaby


In Car Entertainment in Dubai


author: craigwright76


Sculptured Rocks


author: *Michelle*(xena2542)


Daytime Long Exposure


author: KeithAlanK


FlickrClubSA At Hemisfair 3


author: KeithAlanK


Falling Water


author: KeithAlanK


Long Exposure 1


author: Isaiah


Long Exposure of Stars


author: steverobles


Energy – Film Long Exposure


author: onesadlittleboy


Long Exposure at La Ronde


author: particle-fountain


Long Exposure Street


author: markroutt


Long Exposure by the Sea


author: Geironimo


Milk and Mint


author: Paolo De Faveri




author: Xavier Rey


Serenity 2


author: Xavier Rey


L’ echelle


author: Xavier Rey




author: Xavier Rey


Bardenas Serie Roja 7


author: Martin Zalba Ibañez


Monasterio de Piedra Spain


author: Martin Zalba Ibañez


Sos del Rey Católico


author: Martin Zalba Ibañez


Escó, un Pueblo Abandonado


author: Martin Zalba Ibañez


Corral Blanco


author: Martin Zalba Ibañez


Sos del Rey Católico


author: Martin Zalba Ibañez


Mendinueta Navarra


author: Martin Zalba Ibañez


Lindbergh Flight


author: Anthony Gross


Estrellas en el Firmamento


author: Martin Zalba Ibañez


Jelly Beans


author: Joel Salmon




author: Martin Zalba Ibañez


Rushing Lights


author: Mike Tornero




author: Mike Tornero




author: Mike Tornero




author: Bret Edge


Urban Lights


author: Mike Tornero


Glorious Dawn at Portixol Beach


author: Salvador del Saz


Sin City


author: Mike Tornero


Long Exposure – Traffic


author: anjisapyro




author: peace_freak10


Super Fireworks


author: breeyerbs


Long Exposure Study


author: georgefoulds




author: hashier28


Fourth of July, Jackson, Ca 2008


author: rollincoxe


Da Lat Night Trails


author: mickl22


Long Exposure of the Night Sky


author: joshuamichalski_2006


Annual Lighting of the Pigeon Point Lighthouse – California Coast


author: Darvin_Atkeson

Author: Giulia

Giulia is a 25 year old girl from Romania. She runs a blog dedicated to cute animals on furrytalk.com. She's also an amateur photographer and has a passion for Photoshop.

44 thoughts on “50 Beautiful Long Exposure Photos”

  1. There are some great shots here but am I alone in thinking that theme park/fair ground shots are getting a bit tiresome?

  2. Really amazing photography. It’s kind of my hobby but yet I haven’t learned how to take such photos. Guess my lens isn’t quite fit for such a job either 🙂

    But thanks for this post!

  3. taking long exposure shots are truly interesting..jus by putting your camera on a tripod closing the aperture to f30 and the exposure for 30 seconds, a minute with an ISO of 100 and there we go v get an excellent result of long exposure..nice pics especially the waterfall pic is really awesome..

  4. wonderful photography, I bet you need a tripod for this work. I have just recently purchased a d90 to take photo’s of our wedding invitations and realised that I need to get a light box – any suggestions would be welcome.


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