dreams of asia - created by yahidithmonnalisa

dreams of asia
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took me 5hrs+ with a mouse... drew the sketch from scratch, right on the canvas. (5 years and 2508 days ago)

imperfect - created by yahidithmonnalisa

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(5 years and 1900 days ago)

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one last look before bedtime - created by yahidithmonnalisa

one last look before bedtime
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drew the hair, the hair bands, the skin overlay, and the freckles. (5 years and 1911 days ago)

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full speed ahead! - created by yahidithmonnalisa

full speed ahead!
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made the flag and the pole using standard shapes and the border using pen tool. dodged and burned for shadows and highlights. (5 years and 2603 days ago)

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chamomille and the prince - created by yahidithmonnalisa

chamomille and the prince
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glittery paper moon and stars made by me using pen tool and standard star brushes (5 years and 2589 days ago)

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