Helibulb - created by torzonhot

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1-copy the bulb
2-cut different parts of bulb
3-transform the bulb parts
4-draw straight black line and apply radial blur for wings
5-use lens flare for light
6-place the clouds
7-match the color using color balance,curves & levels (5 years and 2422 days ago)

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car racing - created by torzonhot

car racing
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1-complete the car tyres
2-duplicate the car 5 times
3-transform the cars to give different look
4-make the track from original image
5-apply motion blur to cars
6-place background image
7-use hue/saturation (5 years and 2423 days ago)

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water fall - created by torzonhot

water fall
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dis one is my 1st matte painting,i try to give my best
(5 years and 2420 days ago)

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island-house - created by torzonhot

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i defined patterns from source image(deserted building ) and used it to fill my house's wall and roof,also use the stamp tool to retouch the original image,burn tool for 3D look and also use brush (5 years and 2423 days ago)

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eye within eye - created by torzonhot

eye within eye
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(5 years and 2411 days ago)

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