True Love - created by sigi

True Love
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True Love never dies, it only gets stronger with time!

*edit: I had to edit my entry and change the pre-made silhouettes with real pictures that using levels and a brush/eraser turned the into silhouettes. (5 years and 1299 days ago)

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Santa is in town! - created by sigi

Santa is in town!
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Background made in cinema 4d and the snowman in photoshop.

followed this tutorial for the snowman: (5 years and 1333 days ago)

No more problems.... - created by sigi

No more problems....
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Image source only. No woman was hurt while making this image.

for all women: this a joke, do not be offended :) (5 years and 1374 days ago)

Do you wanna play? - created by sigi

Do you wanna play?
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To keep it anonymus I will thank the ones I have used their images after the contest is finished. SBS will be added soon. (3 years and 12 days ago)

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The hetching.... - created by sigi

The hetching....
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Created in Cinema 4D and Photoshop.

Inspired by a GSG tutorial. (5 years and 1382 days ago)

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