vision of night glow - created by preeth64

vision of night glow
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just imagine... (5 years and 1872 days ago)

THE LAND OF DENIM - created by preeth64

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no external source image is used (5 years and 1745 days ago)

soul of the universe - created by preeth64

soul of the universe
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I merged starry night pic with a design pattern and used layer modes to attain desire effect.. both pics are my own work... i painted the white image on the above out come and used liquify option to bring the effect desired..and merged it using layer modes... (5 years and 1874 days ago)

stay tuned ..... - created by preeth64

stay tuned .....
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finally found out what typography art is. (5 years and 1802 days ago)

molten hot red apple - created by preeth64

molten hot red apple
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no external source pic is used... used layer modes and liquify option to create the molten and hot red effect.. (5 years and 1874 days ago)

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