The Only Remaining - created by nilknarfsoive

The Only Remaining
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Everything is taken from the source. (5 years and 1157 days ago)

INFESTED - created by nilknarfsoive

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This creature is called a Peatle (Peacock + Turtle). But it's infested by a vinus (vine virus).

Everything is from the source image. Please check SBS. (3 years and 201 days ago)

Healthy Sweets - created by nilknarfsoive

Healthy Sweets
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What if a basket full of candies is left hanging on a tree, what would you do with it? (5 years and 1154 days ago)

This Ain't a Desert - created by nilknarfsoive

This Aint a Desert
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Everything is from the original source. (5 years and 1134 days ago)

Heavy Heart Resting on Tower - created by nilknarfsoive

Heavy Heart Resting on Tower
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Maybe the burden in my heart lead me to come up something like this. (5 years and 1158 days ago)

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