strange trees - created by momvera

strange trees
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Image I used in this entry is my own. (5 years and 2337 days ago)

rainy autumn - created by momvera

rainy autumn
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Thanks to leozaza for image of the view from window.
Image of the water splashes and computer desk -- my own. (5 years and 2352 days ago)

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Got Milk? - created by momvera

Got Milk?
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Additional source -- picture of cat from Flickr, author Stewf.
Picture of milk splash is my own.
Thank you guys for advises. I fixed milk stream and puddle -- canceled layer effects, made cat bit bigger. Also fixed some small bloops, that didn't see yesterday. (5 years and 2401 days ago)

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baby moods - created by momvera

baby moods
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Image used in this entry is my own.
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Trying to escape... - created by momvera

Trying to escape...
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All additional images I've used in this entry are my own.
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