Electric Clown - created by loico

Electric Clown
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A lot of color adjustments, glows, motion blurs and a lightning brush. Thanks to Ics9 for the sphere image and to evobrained for the wall texture.

(5 years and 1788 days ago)

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Above the clouds - created by loico

Above the clouds
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Many many layers, glows and blurs! Thanks to Plebelic for the bird picture, to Luizsilvei for the clouds in the background and to 6006548654 for the clouds in the center right.
(5 years and 1773 days ago)

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Discovery - created by loico

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The fish was added to the picture with a mask, the pine tree was duplicated and merged with the fish and was textured using the clone tool. Water was added as if he was coming from the sea and I blurred two other trees to create depth.FInally, a yellow filter and grain was applied. (5 years and 1796 days ago)

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Dinner time - created by loico

Dinner time
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I don't think iguanas actually eat bugs, but this one does... (5 years and 1781 days ago)

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