Spring - created by lillith53

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The butterflies I have transformed her from 2d to 3d with photoshop
The photo in the winter is mine.
(5 years and 1654 days ago)

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To fly - created by lillith53

To fly
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Goodbye Sommer - created by lillith53

Goodbye Sommer
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For this job I have used various images and to unite the pieces I have used tools and masks, options of fusion and regulations, various filters but all of default in photoshop cs6.
(5 years and 1695 days ago)

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autumn leaf - created by lillith53

autumn leaf
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For the pluvius drops I have used the water drops for AlienSkin Nature (5 years and 1665 days ago)

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postcard from Trieste, Italy - created by lillith53

postcard from Trieste, Italy
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Thanks to fluido & franz for the photo of the barcolana,
The whole other photos are of my ownership.
(5 years and 1677 days ago)

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