You have kiwi on your lips... - created by kayaklovergirl

You have kiwi on your lips...
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i know i don't need a SBS but incase you were wondering here's what I did

1. I selected a kiwi from the Source image
2. Made a circle (elliptical marquee tool) with a fixed ratio of 15px X 15px
3. Then I put the circle around the kiwi
4. I inversed the selection (shift+cntrl+i) and deleted the rest of the kiwi
5 I cropped image of the kiwi
6. For some reason though I made the circle a fixed ratio the canvas size was still more than 15px like I wanted it so I free transformed it and cropped it until it was 15px X 15px.
7. then I went edit> define pattern and named it
8. then I opened a new file and placed the lips
9.I added a filter (filter>pixelate>mosaic, 15px)
10. Then I added a new layer and clicked edit>fill (it says that you can click shift f5 but for me it just turns up my sound...)
11. I filled it with my pattern and lowered the opacity a bit until I liked it
hope you like it too :P (5 years and 2163 days ago)

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Smarty Mouse - created by kayaklovergirl

Smarty Mouse
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1: placed all the images
2: deleted their backgrounds
3: put in the text

third times a charm
i hope you like it !!! (5 years and 2232 days ago)

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Microphone - created by kayaklovergirl

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i hope you like it
liquified the tip to make it more like a microphone then i free transformed it to fit by the guy
i also removed the backgroud from the singer and made it purple by making a new layer and lowering the opacity
(5 years and 2218 days ago)

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Changing Ages - created by kayaklovergirl

Changing Ages
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i thought it would be cool to try and make the man seem younger and the woman seem older tell me what you think...

SBS: patch brush tool for the man's wrinkles and the woman's mole I also blurred some stuff and changed the saturation of her lips, for the beard I used someone else's beard and changed the hue and saturation to match his eyebrows, I also liquified the new beard so it would fit his old one, then I removed his glasses after two hours!!!!
I would also like to thank Novembemistake for the picture of the old lady I used (5 years and 2230 days ago)

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Jeez Shave Your Cactus - created by kayaklovergirl

Jeez Shave Your Cactus
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just having fun (5 years and 2161 days ago)

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