Just before switch off the light - created by gedup

Just before switch off the light
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whatever way you want...I hope moderators never switch off my entrie with the 3D! ;-) That was my obsession since these few month i past in Pxleyes....But many thanks to moderators and mister Monty...and other peoples i meet in Pxleyes.
Good luck for every body i hope our paths will cross again here as elsewhere. (5 years and 781 days ago)

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islandic journey - created by gedup

islandic journey
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The norway's picture remember me photos i have taken in Island in2011.
With some ofthis pictures,
i suggest you this photomontage.
All pictures are mine.(look at them in the step3 of the SBS) (5 years and 1079 days ago)

Blue birds - created by gedup

Blue birds
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I am happy to see pxleyes started again....

I don't practice photomanipulation a lot but there is a lot of beautiful pictures doing here. I will try to practice more ..and better with your help.

Personal background's picture made with mandelbulb3D and editing with Gimp.
Original picture in the SBS. (5 years and 166 days ago)

L'aigle - created by gedup

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Personnal background and editing
Mandelbulb 3D and Gimp (5 years and 117 days ago)

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No exit? - created by gedup

No exit?
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Something is missing ,but I don't know what. (5 years and 155 days ago)

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