Major overhaul - created by billyboy

Major overhaul
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Photoshop, 3 DS Max
Render with V-Ray

No external source. Merry-go-round was re-create from scratches in 3D. Mapping with pieces from original source. (5 years and 2352 days ago)

Chrome dream - created by billyboy

Chrome dream
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The 3D chrome version of Harley Davidson model 1914.
Made from scratches upon a reference photo from The Blueprints. com, see SBS. (5 years and 2396 days ago)

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Drink, spleen, matches, mazes - created by billyboy

Drink, spleen, matches, mazes
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Please, don't tell me this is not a maze. After two bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon everything look like a maze ;)

3DS max (5 years and 2386 days ago)

New design - created by billyboy

New design
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(5 years and 2399 days ago)

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3D arch project - created by billyboy

3D arch project
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3DS Max. Render with V-Ray.
Sky is from CG textures, thanks.

Extract from PXL rules:
UPDATED 08/2009): Recreating a source image from scratch in a 3D program is allowed, but it's required to post a step by step guide. It is always safest to post each action you did in your step by step guide, no matter what program you use. (5 years and 2238 days ago)

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