Sad robo - created by RGB

Sad robo
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All source
no external source
Comments are welcome
and i hope that you like the photo
c ya
i use the burn tool to give it some more depth
And i add a a better shadow
(5 years and 2398 days ago)

Country Robots - created by RGB

Country Robots
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All Photoshop
i like to thanks to Mattox for the background photo
i hope you like it
And comments are welcome!!!
UPDATE: I add the Sbs so please take a look
The first one was good but i add one more thing to this little son :)
I add it a shadow!

(5 years and 2390 days ago)

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"Master" Of Robots - created by RGB

"Master" Of Robots
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Well my friends i can help me this source is made for robots
ok so i know that is this contest is another robot but please don`t mind this one LMAO
i`m joking
so please comments!
No external source used just PhotoShop :D
C ya later....
one small update____
(5 years and 2373 days ago)

RoboTuba - created by RGB

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RoboTuba is future Tuba LOL
Tools used:
Pen tool
Brush tool

I add some something to it to make it more funny:P
(5 years and 2418 days ago)

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Drum men - created by RGB

Drum men
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Hello guy`s waz up?
i did this just for fun so please comment
i hope that u like it !
Ok now i mush go
and thx for the comment
Damn i forget to say that no external source used
C ya (5 years and 2380 days ago)

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